Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gulf Run 8 - Day 2

2nd Day of Gulf Run means the group photo in Turn1.. 
This has been a tradition since.. GR6 as far as I remember ..

I am happy to see cars from above.. you notice more details when it comes to aerodynamics and stuff..

Usually they take the picture after few morning runs around the GP circuit and then opt for a break, then come back for the most competitive part.. TIMING!

Gulf Run 8 Drivers

The best traffic jam in history!!!

After the pictures and timing.. there comes one of the parts I love personally..
Drag Racing..
Because you see normal street cars racing with normal drivers.. nothing like 2000bhp and modified to the last bit..

And suddenly the Kanoo or AKA EKanoo Oakly Ferrari Italia 458 (What a long name) shows up along with the bad ass Porsche EVMSSomething :/

Ferrari Italia 458 Oakley Design
Ferrari Italia 458 Oakley Design
Ferrari Italia 458 Oakley Design
Carbon rear fin

Ferrari Italia 458 Oakley Design
Engine Bay Carbon cover

Ferrari Italia 458 Oakley Design

EVOMS Porsche 997 EVT 1000

BMW M5 F10 
Smoking the sticky drag strip although it is very sticky!!

Ferrari Italia 458
Such a nice contrast

Ferrari Italia 458

Then there was a new addition to Gulf Run this year..
A Funny Car! A real drag race car, prepared to take extra two passenger to take a go and feel how a 8 second car would actually do to your face..

Porsche EVODJASKCSLD or whatever

Mashalla.. I am in love with this car!!

It was nice as usual..
Thanks for those founders and organisers..
Thanks for Bahrain international circuit staff and management
Thanks for the drivers for making the motorsport more fun..

See you All soon.. GulfRun9 

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