Sunday, January 6, 2013

Review : Ferrari Italia 458 - Get to know

As we all saw in the previous posts of the Ferrari FF, I was in Dubai to try the Ferrari 458 Italia the next day.

The night before the test drive, I got to know that the Italia is in the basement parking of the hotel. to be honest, I wanted to be surprised next morning when I see the color of the car.

But I could't wait, so I went to the security and asked them to show me the car..

Me: Hi, Where's the Ferrari Italia in the parking?
Security : Which floor ?
Me: I don't know.. 
Security : We have 4 floors of parking!
Me: forget it..

So again, I waited to be surprised in the morning.

As you see, The car is different in every aspect. Nothing to compare with the FF. but i'll mention in the next post some of the similarities.

The car features a very low nose, short front end, small boot but great visibility. The seat can be adjusted to suit your preferences wether you want to drive around city, or close enough to the steering wheel for track. 

Just like previous models, rear engines Ferraris ditched the rear wing, since they can develop more downforce using other ways, like front spoilers in this particular model, rear diffuser and small fins to help keep the car stable at high speeds.

Rear diffuser, is the small three fins on each side of the exhaust tail pipes, the help to direct the air into a way to have less air turbulence. better downforce.  

So, Low car, low front end and rear diffuser = better downforce at highspeeds.

And the car I got was on the optional 20" sport rims, Diamond finish. Theres no diamonds involved, but as we call it the polished finishing where it looks glossy a bit.

Your welcoming sign..
Like when you check in to a hotel, and you find a note on the bed says : Hello Mr. X!!
But here, it reminds you you're in one of the most desirable cars on the planet.. 

Manettino settings are a bit different from those on the FF..
We see no Snow Setting, There's no Comfort, And you got RACE!

Sport : Is.. Hmm.. Lets call it your normal day to day mode.

Race : Allows the driver to drive the car to more limits and very practical for track use.

CT OFF : Disengages the traction control, allowing you to do some tail wiggling, but won't kill you unless you're in idiot.

If you hold it for thee seconds on the ESC OFF, you're on your own pal!!
This is for people who are familiar with the car, and knows the limits.. and singles.. because if you're married, and not well aware of the full potential of the 4499cc V8.

I will go into details in the next post once I drive the car in each setting!  

Car controls. close the the steering wheel, where you can control navigation system, radio volume and controls, and car information.

Center Console, very simple flasher and windows buttons..

The blue interior,was very nice matching the white bodywork.. and white stitching to bring it all to a meaningful combination..

The badge that reminds the passenger that you're lucky to have me as a friend. and you're in the Italia..

I know this might be a normal scene and probably you'll find 100s of pictures of cars with Khalifa tower in the background. but when you're there in December, blue skies and light morning breeze.. you can't resist..

Meet the young member in the Ferrari Family, The California..
They say it drives good.. I've seen it in action, but never drove one yet..

Prancing horse Vs. Tower
Greatest car maker Vs. Highest Tower
Engineering Vs. Engineering
Going high, Vs. going Fast

The looks of the Italia is more of a mean look if you wanna look mean..

And cool, if you wanna look cool..
Same goes while driving, as you have 5 different settings depending on your mood.

The Car was also fitted with the Carbon Ceramic discs.. You won't believe how powerful they are!!
15.6" is the size of that front disc you're looking at..

Thats larger than the rims of the Toyota Corolla!
Add 6 pistons.. and you can stop that car from really high speeds over and over again at ease.. 

The tri-exhaust tail pipes were featured in the legendary Ferrari F40 back in the mid 80s and was cool to use such queues in a modern car..

For me, at least. it gives an indication that the car is the closest to the F40 when it comes to performance and thrill. 

I was enjoying the white color as I once read an article regarding cars and relation with colors. and how a would it be nice to have a car with a light color to show you all the grills and vents of the car..

And here you can see why I am loving the white..

Interior trim is both sporty with full carbon trim, Center console, steering wheel (Upper and lower part), dash, air cooling vents, F1 gear pedals. 

Stay tuned for part 2.. The test drive..


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