Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Test Drive : Ferrari FF

After we got to know how does it feel around the FF in the previous post. Will take it for a drive around Dubai.. And outside Dubai too!

Driving the FF is an event itself..
Its a Ferrari At the end.. A V12

So we took to where people might actually tell us.. The place where people use their feet in Dubai..

The Walk 

Driving all the way from The Address down town to JBR was fun, we parked the car.. and walked away.. to witness the reaction of people.. 

Everyone would turn to watch the FF pass by.

Aerodynamics are very obvious and as I told you before, there's nothing at all with no meaning or an explanation. Some for cooling, and some for bringing the car closer to the ground..

The new single tail light is common between all Ferraris since the introduced the mighty 599 GTB Fiorano.

Then we moved the car to a more crowded place, went to get some coffee for the road..
We came back and so many people were taking pictures with the FF!

Although it was parked next to a fancy Ghost!

So we gave them the chance to be in a red seat of a Million+ AED car..
They loved it!!

The we drove all the way to Hatta.. but we were not allowed to cross the borders to Oman! but who cares!!

Open roads.. Curves and no traffic!!!

On our way, we passed by this small gravel road..

Yea!! You guessed..

We took the million AED to the desert.. 
We were told this is the 4wheel drive Ferrari.. So not to be very technical with the elaboration of technology behind the new light weight 4wheel system, just take a look at the video for a better and more clear explanation.

Quit technical? huh?

Ok then..

On our way to reach Hatta, The car was on Comfort setting. And was very easy going, still using all 660 horses.. But the exhaust note will be good and not loud for such a long trip..

Gear changes are smooth both on Auto and F1 pedals mode. Changing gears up and down feels so smooth since all FFs are equipped with a double clutch transmission. Better performance and smooth gear changes around the city in auto. 

I am somehow short, only 175cm.
And I assure you, visibility is more than great, you can't wish for more. usually cars that travel at the same speed, be very low and ride very harsh.. break your neck at every speed pump!

This one was the most friendly super car after the 599 GTB!  

I was driving most of the time shifting gears up and down.. trying to see how the V12 would be with a combined fuel consumption. but still after 4 hours of high/low speed driving.. revving the beatiful V12 up to the red limiter at 8000 RPM we were still running with half tank or more.


Driving in a road we don't know.. we used to run into so many speeding traps.. Every time we had to slow down really hard.. The car weighs 1880KG. but luckily, our test car was fully loaded. That included the Carbon Ceramic Break Discs.. which can be amazing when you see how powerful they are!! And they never fade! even after using them for quit some time.. because they cool faster than the conventional discs..

The car looks very compact from the outside, spacious from the inside..
Enough for four adults.

But once you drive it for sometime, you become part of it. you know that you can trust that four wheel system with confidence. 

Weight distribution is 47/53
Very impressive?? why?

You should know that car features a mid front engine.. the engine sits behind the front axle.
Transmission in the back..
And a small transmission for the 4RM (4Wheel drive) system you've seen in the video.

47/53 for a V12!!! cool eeh! 

So before sunset, we decided to head back to the city, and try Sport mode for a change, since there were no snow in Dubai to try other that in Emirates Mall..

If you think and have seen reviews on Youtube about the Manttino.. they say, this is all markting bullshit..

I can't say they are right, nor wrong..
You feel some changes if you pay attention to details..

Like the throttle become more responsive, Exhaust note more clear since the engine breathes more freely and steering is more direct..

Now only, you can use the suspension button I was posted in the previous post and set to (Pumpy Roads) if you feel the need.. 

The V12
The 660 young horses
The instrument
As you can see, it sits waaaay in the back, making it a front mid engine.

After you spend time in the FF, You dont feel tired or like you need a massage! 
Very comfy seats.. sporty and hugging when you corner hard..

Lots of fun.. a nice place to spend time.. 

After 10 hours, speeding and cruising, driving for almost 500km combined city/highway driving, one tank was enough! Now thats impressive for a 6.3L V12!

Ferrari FF test drive in Dubai UAE from Q8Stig on Vimeo.

All in All :

I used to like the FF before driving it, And I have posted a lot about it. so driving it for a day made me even love it more.

The Good :

  • Very compact from the outside, Spacious from the inside.
  • 4 adults and their luggage doing 300 km/h easily.
  • Great fuel consumption (Although people who can afford it, wont care)
  • Exceptional handling, Thanks to the 4RM 4wheel drive system. (50% lighter than normal 4wheel drive systems) all made and developed by Ferrari.
  • You'll have more friends.
  • Up to 800Litre of space if you fold the rear seats.
  • Rich people have another option to travel in style.
  • A new class of sports car.
The Bad :

  • Everything is perfect, makes the navigation system looks cheap. but it works fine for me at least.
  • You might sell an organ to buy one if you're like me..
  • Feeling super confident and get a speeding ticket for that.

Thanks to Ferrari,
Ghita Mejdi and Amr Alsharif


  1. ok im not a car fan and im definitely not a fan of that ferrari, it doesnt actually gives the ferrari vipe :P but i love this color on cars! its beautiful.

  2. Noon.. That Ferrari stands out as the first hatchback or three doors Supercar,

    I guess you love it more once you drive it for a while. And I am not defending, and I usually don't argue when it comes to taste. :p

  3. I want one..

    if I write a comment will I enter a draw for it!


  4. Hussain : try, Ferrari might read :P