Thursday, February 21, 2013

McLaren P1 Power-train

McLaren announced finally the full figures of the P1, most anticipated hyper car, the successor of the old legendary McLaren F1.

903 Bhp
900 Nm
Twin Turbo
Two electric motors

The revised 3.8 unit along with the electric motor, gives a feeling close to a normally aspirated engine. having in mind that the light weight electric motor is unique to McLaren and produces almost 176 bhp instantly at the click of a button, mounted on the steering wheel.

And you can drive the car entirely using the electric motor (E Mode) in residential areas and low emissions zones for 10 kilometers, then the petrol engine will work and charge the battery again.  

From the Formula1 world to the street legal hyper cars, Ferrari and McLaren are the best companies that uses formula1 cars as mules to test new technologies helping them making cars lighter, faster and more efficient.

DRS (Drag Reduction System) is also one of those systems. It was introduced before, but here, you can actually engage, or disengage with the button you see below.  

More information on accelerating and top speed will be revealed in the next few weeks..

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