Saturday, March 30, 2013

Audi A1 Gymkhana style around Munich

Another cool video about an Audi A1 driving around Munich in Gymkhana style.. Very cool video.. but I am not into that car..


Friday, March 29, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jaguar F-Type in Kuwait

I was invited by Al-Zayyani motors the dealer of Jaguar in Kuwait among other high end brands like Ferrari, Bugatti, Bentley and Maserati. to attend the official unveiling of the new Jaguar F-Type.

It was a small cozy event, with so many VIPs and loyal Jaguar customers and lots of media. 

I've seen the car before over the internet and was very tempted to see the car in real life. knowing that Jaguar are planning to go back to racing since they have a good history in mototrsports in general including F1.

Aggressive front end.. new to Jaguar and very clear message that this is not a car for cruising.. This is a pure sports car.

Side vents, big rims and bonnet vents too.. all significant to sports and racing..

Convertible, meaning you can still ruin your hair do while doing 300km\h

The car is offered in three engines,
V6 offering 340 Bhp
V6 offering 380 Bhp
V8 offering 495 Bhp

All supercharged to get maximum power with high fuel economy.

Very unique tail lights that also function as side lights while singling.

This exhaust.. hmm..

when they uncovered the car, They ignited it.. and floored the throttle and I was amazed by the sound it made! I was really amazed..

But it was too crowded to do it again.. although I could..

Attention to details..

Jet fighter style switches

All in all.. this is a good chance for people who wants something unique and new in the market, and you're safe to buy the car now, as then new facelift or midlife changes won't happen in at least  4 to 5 years from now.

Plus, this is a new hype and people will be wanting to get the car. This is not a XK-R but a more smaller, lighter and more agile car to drive.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BMW setting new drifting record soon

After the drifting record done in China by Abdo Faghali the Lebanese ex Rally driver and that was for 3.9 miles.

BMW are planning to do it over 10 times more in BMW M Performance center in a completely stock BMW M5 2013


Drift 965

This is Drift 965..
An event done by Kuwaitis who share the smoke.. I mean the passion..

It has been done for over a month now.. but I was always abroad and never got the chance to attend it, This saturday though was great weather, clouds and cool breeze.. we were only missing the smoke and cars going sideways.

I was greeted by Sami The drifter.. and he asked me to park and get ready for action.
I will leave you with some pictures and bore you with words.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mini Documentary - Toyota Tundra Towing a Space Shuttle

Toyota USA released a short documentary about their Toyota Tundra towing the space shuttle Endeavour over a bridge since the motorised all robotic carriage was too heavy for the bridge.


The funny part is, Toyota claims that the Tundra used in this mission is completely factory stock with nothing extra, not even tires.

I want a Tundra! 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series @Drive

Chris Harris explains more about the new limited lightweight SLS AMG Black Series and how did they saved around 70KG overall.

Although I guess the price tag is not yet justifiable.

This car looks good as a standard SLS AMG, Add to that coolness, some carbon fiber aero body kit and wider sections both in the front and on the back.

630 or so horses are good especially with a 6.2L Normally aspirated engine.
Maybe I should consider the AMG School in Yas Island!

McLaren P1 around Top Gear Track by Sergio Perez

I was looking at the title and I know you'll be fooled like me, But watching the video of one of the  greatest hyper cars driven by a Formula1 driver and seems to me thats Adrian Newey next to him..

Seems like Sergio became the luckiest guy in 2013..

Is it him?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Veneno Vs. LaFerrari Vs. P1

Which one and why ?

Audi Running up to 336KM/h on ice

I love crazy ideas like the Lamborghini WRC Stunt, and some other types of hoonings! this one though could lead to death..

I represent to you, The craziest men alive.. or shall I say the bravest..


I have done that speed on a dry surface, and it was scary.. Doing it on ice must be hmm.. -_-

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pagani Huayra +18 Video

I am in love with the Huayra, More than the new ugly Lamborghini Veneno..
And this video sums it up.. Make sure you watch it in HD..

Goddess Of The Wind

Ekhh.. Enjoy!

Lamborghini WRC Stage1

Hooned Lamborghini treated like a WRC car..
I love That!!


Road Rush 3 - Day 2

Road Rush Day 2 started off with a jump!

And the final Drag race was taking place to decide who's the queen of reaction time..

Porsches were dominating by far.. Thanks to the PDK transmission and the Sport Plus button that enables the best launch control for the best times.

Then we headed outside the gates of BIC to start the final race of day 2, The Auto Cross.. Mainly helps you understand the full potential of your car except top speed, like braking and cornering, tight turning and much more..

Naaah! This mini was just there having fun.. :P

Q8Stig and how2q8 all over the cars

After all, The Final ceremony went cool, Some girls were up on the podium more times than Kamui during 2012 Formula1 season.

And Many thanks to BIC Staff for their great support and helping the girls to better understand the track and the limits, and taking them around BIC to get the best times.

Salma, was the star that day, Going home with 3 trophies..

All in all, Three years of success.
Why do I call it success?
Because when it comes to our social standards.
And the gender factor.
And having the event in another country.
And the political crisis in Bahrain.
And convincing the parents.

This is great! Really great!

Hope to see more girls and more cars next year..

RR4 is cool already

And that's the Mini Coupe S I rented for two days.. Unfortunately I did not have enough pictures for a full review.. but I love it..