Sunday, March 17, 2013

Road Rush 3 - Day 2

Road Rush Day 2 started off with a jump!

And the final Drag race was taking place to decide who's the queen of reaction time..

Porsches were dominating by far.. Thanks to the PDK transmission and the Sport Plus button that enables the best launch control for the best times.

Then we headed outside the gates of BIC to start the final race of day 2, The Auto Cross.. Mainly helps you understand the full potential of your car except top speed, like braking and cornering, tight turning and much more..

Naaah! This mini was just there having fun.. :P

Q8Stig and how2q8 all over the cars

After all, The Final ceremony went cool, Some girls were up on the podium more times than Kamui during 2012 Formula1 season.

And Many thanks to BIC Staff for their great support and helping the girls to better understand the track and the limits, and taking them around BIC to get the best times.

Salma, was the star that day, Going home with 3 trophies..

All in all, Three years of success.
Why do I call it success?
Because when it comes to our social standards.
And the gender factor.
And having the event in another country.
And the political crisis in Bahrain.
And convincing the parents.

This is great! Really great!

Hope to see more girls and more cars next year..

RR4 is cool already

And that's the Mini Coupe S I rented for two days.. Unfortunately I did not have enough pictures for a full review.. but I love it.. 

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