Thursday, March 14, 2013

RoadRush 3 - Day1

RoadRush.. for the third year and despite all the political dilemma in Bahrain.. they did it again.

Just like last year, I was given the opportunity to cover the event in Bahrain and I will show how they rocked..

Day1 started off with the general safety and track briefing by the staff of Bahrain International Circuit (BIC). Most of them are not only well trained, but they also won some championships from various races around the world in so many different categories.

Some girls payed attention.. and Won!  

Cars were all shipped from Kuwait and stored in the pit garages to be ready when the girls are ready too.. All clean and shiny for the race day. Thanks to KGL!

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano


Al-Watan TV was there represented by Hessa Al-Loughani for Banat o Bas show.. to take you in a journey of the dream that was translated into a reality for three years, although everyone was thinking this is a girls' event, and they're not going to make it.


McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren were generous enough to send the new McLarec MP4-12C spyder with a professional test driver to give rides and show the girls how it is done..

Ferrari California

Porsche Turbo 996

Hello Handsome! :P


Add fun to fun, Caterham 7 cars available for rides with a professional trainers and alos for girls to drive around the track.. Major fun and for most of the girls, riding in an open car is a new thing.
Porsche 997 Carrera

And here we go..

Porsche Turbo, Carrera 997 PDK

Chevrolet Corvette C5

Mercedes-Benz CL500

Ferrari California

Chevrolet Corvette

Bahrain International circuit 

First they start with lead and follow, they have one of the trainers go around the track in a Mitsubishi Evo and the rest of the group got to follow him to get oriented to the track depending on what track set up they have. and the proper racing lines to achieve the best lap times.

Then they let them try some laps on their own.

California Ferrari

Al-Watan TV interviewing Latifa Al-Nassar, one of the main founders of RoadRush to talk about challenges and difficulties and how to overcome them.. and still do it for three years!

This will be on TV and will try to post the video once released by Al-Watan.

After that, we have the drag race.. To have real street cars racing with girls behind the wheel.. It was fun watching that since most of them will only floor the throttle and think about any of the gadgets they have, like Launch Control :P

But Some of them were really good!

Then there's the 8 seconds dragster.. A 3 seater full drag race 1000+ car to take passegers to show them life.. on fast forward..

A shot taken to show you the tyres' grip after a heating run.. and how they stick to the especially coated tarmac for the best grip.

I tried that.. REALLY FUN! although I hate drag racing and moded cars in general..

 Christmas Tree!

And Day one was over!

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