Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bahrain Formula1 GP 2013 - By BlackBerry

It was Friday noon..
I got a call from Blackberry..

SH : Wake up, Shower and wait for your ticket..
Stig : ... Wha.. Who.. What!
SH : We are sending you to Bahrain to attend the F1 race this weekend..
Stig : When!
SH : whenever you're ready..

So I jumped, showered.. I meant it.. and waited for the most important call for the weekend!..

Then I decided, since I will miss the FP1, FP2 already.. why the rush ?
So I took one of my friends with me.. and took the night flight to Bahrain..
Got the car, went to our hotel.. and charge everything for the qualifying next morning..

Qualifying in Bahrain is important, since the heat might ruin your tires, so you need to be ahead and keep a good gap to be safe cuz the DRS zone is good for drivers behind you to overtake..

Weather in Bahrain was more than perfect and everything was more than great, Thanks to Blackberry for having the best seats in the main grand stand.. infront of the best teams ever! Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz And McLaren..

Waiting for team orders..


So Qualifying was over, so is our day at BIC..

Sunday.. or in my language, Raceday..
We went 90 mins early.. but the traffic was so horrible!! check point every ten meteres. police officers not knowing what to do, different orders from different officers, people not sticking to lanes or any traffic laws..

total chaos..

I know they are doing this for safety reasons due to the political issues in Bahrain, But I could do it better..

One major check point will solve this..

it took us 90 mins to park..Then as you see above, another hour or so queueing for entrance!!
Another 60 mins wasted, and the race started already..

By the time we reached our seats.. it was lap 37/57.. so still good 20 laps to go.
I am happy..

Pit stops are scary..
around 18 people..
changing 4 tires
in 3 seconds..

Watching Formula1 on TV is a blessing cuz you can eat, drink and text..
You May also mute, make calls and go to the toilet..

But attending live F1 races is a different game for car lovers..
You get to see, hear and smell competition!

The Battle for points between friends/rivals Button and Hamilton..

And that what I call special access..
Yes my friends.. SIZE do matter..

That guy above.. with his hands in his pockets.. is so cool..
I hope he's not going to change the tires..

Bernie Says : "Think before you drive''

Media Cage

My best device ever.. And I still have it..

Vettel, You're like the GTR.. I don't like you for now.. but you're good

So After that race,
Vettel is leading the season with 77 points, followed by Kimi with 67 then Hamilton with 50.
One race can change everything at this early stage..

Stay Tuned

Many Thanks again to BlackBerry for this great chance and making it happen
Sharmila Dhun
Lucy McGettigan
Ashlina Davidson

I loved how everything was done and organised by phone in few hours with no mistakes and very quick actions..

Thanks again.. And hope you like the pictures..

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