Thursday, April 18, 2013

Test Drive - Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

While I was in London.. I got a call
That call was one of the most important calls I have did in my whole life..

Ahmed : Hello Stig!
Stig : Hi..

Ahmed : Would like to test drive the Bugatti GS Vitesse ?
Stig : You think i'd say no?

Ahmed : Be in Kuwait before the 10th of April *Hangs up*

So I did..

So I landed in Kuwait international Airport at 7:00
reached home @ 8:00
Showered, changed and went to Al-Zayyani showroom (Dealers Of Bugatti in Kuwait) by 9:30

I was accompanied by Mr. Ahmed Nagi to meet the test driver Mr.Pierre-Henri Raphanel and have some coffee before taking off in the car and roam Kuwait City with the fastest open top car in the world.

The test driver am about to drive with, is an Ex-F1 Driver, Raced LeMans, Japanese Championships and lots of work with so many car manufacturers and tire makers.

You know I dont give the technical data usually here, because you can google that and I am not adding any value to you, or to my blog. since most of the readers here are well educated and know what I am saying.

But I couldn't resist doing this for the Bugatti..

16 Cylinder
4 Turbo Chargers
8 Litre
10 cooling radiators
1200 Horse Power
1500 n.Mof torque
64 Valves
0-100 km in 2.6 seconds
0-240 km in 10.1 seconds
0-300 km in 17.1 seconds
0-400 km in 57.3 seconds
top speed is limited to 410 km/h
2 millions euros price tag (If you're lucky enough to find one)

The car has this scary stance.. 
Feels big from the outside.. and so wide that you think you can't drive it at all..

This car, is officially the fastest open top car in the world being recorded on a closed circuit and I think the world is not enough to drive at these speeds anymore.

But I was back and cancelled part of my trip just to test drive this car.. Cuz none of my children or grand children will be ever close to drive one of these machines at all..

So After the coffee and having a little chat with the test driver who will first show me the car and introduce me to the engine! we went out and he took me in a spin around the car, pointing out the details that differ the Vitesse from the original Veyron.

Things include, better cooling : and that required adding more vents in the front of the car which already super low when it comes to ground clearance. they had to add new open vents beneath the front headlights as you in the first picture, and some at the lower parts of the front bumper.

These added vents were engineered to cool off the car, add more downforce without jeopardising the stability or the top speed of the car.

16.4 = 16 cylinder X Quad Turbos
Scared ?

When you think of a hyper car, something we've all seen and read about. cars like the Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari Enzo, Koenegsigg Agera R and Many others.. the key factor to have more speed is weight.. light weight is the target..

So they go and remove all the luxury add ons like high quality leather, and stitching, carpets and so on..

Here, in the case of the Vitesses.. They added leather everywhere,, seats.. doors and even as you can see above, the window switches are covered with leather too..

BUT! The whole body in all Grand Sport Vitesse cars is made of carbon fiber to compensate for the over all weight total. this is not a light car, but that engine with the torque generated is capable enough to break the 400 barrier.

One of the coolest things ever, that i've always saw on TV.. is the horsepower gauge.

This little needle here will tell you exactly the amount of power being used to reach that speed, and I remember clearly doing 90 km/h while using only 50 Bhp in 5th gear

You'll need another heart.. to see that 1200 hugging the needle.. i'll explain more once we reach the point of the driving around K-Town

Speedometer is again, the conventional needle.. but when it says 430 km/h.. they mean it!

Gear lever is made from Brushed aluminium stitched to pseudo Alcantara.
And that's only the tip of the iceberg.. above one of the most sophisticated gears ever built in history as claimed by the company that made it. Ricardo.

Simple interior, carbon fiber gives more sporty feel tot he luxurious cabin, yet waved in a way close to the Pagani. Perfect!

Air conditioning vents hidden in a slim side of the center console.. easy access to both, driver and passenger to control and adjust.

As we were talking about the car, and removed the one piece glass top, one of the engineers started mounting 3 pieces together and pin them to the top of the front windshield.
It looked normal that since we were going to drive the car (Topless), we need something to redirect the air above the cabin.

And that attached mounted piece looked like it..

BUT! this small fin the comes with the logo EB looked overrated.. So I couldn't resist asking..
They claimed, That this small fin, is to eliminate not only the air disturbance inside, but will also keep it quite at high speeds! HUH!!! will see in a minute!!

Finally, we took off..
I was scared while stepping inside a car worth 2 times the price of our house.. and I need to work for the next 80 something years to pay for it if wrecked it!!

The roads were damaged, and I was in a car capable of doing 400 km/h. but as we were driving over small bumps and holes.. the car was amazingly smooth!!! it felt like an S-Class in Comfort Setting!!!

Then we headed to the highway, where it was empty for testing reasons..
I did not felt any gear change, And I can't honestly tell what gear we are using..

I heard it was smooth, but not that smooth again..

Mr Pierre looked at me.. shifted 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd.. in low speeds..
Ready ?

Holy F***
What Daaa!!

All I remember.. life on fast forward mode!!
What Happened?
What is that sound?
What was that sound after you left your foot ?

I have 1000 questions and my brain stopped functioning for a moment!!!!


I have been in fast cars before.. like really fast cars.. BUT THIS? NOOO!!
from 90-300 in like 4 seconds!!

Then full brake to zero..
Now braking is something..

BUT! braking with hands off the wheel from 300-0 is something eles!!!!

Now it is my turn to drive..

Seat adjusted
mirrors checked

Select Drive
Hit the road..

downshift to 2nd..

I was told not to think even to look at the speedometer while accelerating.. because once you take a look and you're doing 250 km/h, by the time you go back up.. you'll be doing 270 km/h and probably hit the car infront of you. but thank god we did this in a place designed for these types of tests.

There is nothing you can hate in the car when it comes to technical aspects.. Everything is perfect.
And unlike other supercars, this one is very calm and quite..
The car is easy to drive and designed to suit all types of drivers and all motorsports backgrounds, For example.. If my mom wants to drive it.. SHE CAN. It is just like a big Golf GTi.

Once you're behind the wheel, and your seat adjusted to the correct position, you can see clearly where the corners of the car are. Unlike Lamborghinis.

The transmission done by Ricardo, The best manufacturers that builds gears for F1 cars. And back in 2005 when the car was first released, it was the first hypercar with a double clutch gear. you won't be able to know you're shifting.

Because the trick, is to drive at cruising speed around town.. and love the car, then drop three gears down, full throttle and beat anything around you..

That's the place for the 2nd key to unlock the full potential of the car to reach the 410km/h.



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