Sunday, May 26, 2013

Italy Trip - Monza, Villa d'Este and Lugano

After doing little research, we discovered the Monza Circuit is only 40 mins from our hotel..
Thanks to Claudio our Italian friend who took us there.. The video is still in the making unfortunately and I was so excited and forgot to take pictures before the test drive. 

I used to love Monza, but after driving an Italian Supercar in Monza.. I love it even more than before.

And I pictured it very crowded and full of cars! eventually, we were the only two cars with another Lotus!

Next day Claudio suggested we go to Villa d'Este. A very beautiful place on lake Como next to the Swiss borders.

The place is heaven! I would like to post some pictures taken and edited by my friend Feras Al-Farsi.

After having lunch, we went to Lugano.. in Switzerland which is only 20 mins or so from Villa d'Este.

Finally we met the Fisker Karma! fully electric car and looks like a supercar! I wish we were allowed to test drive it :P

More to come..

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