Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pagani Factory Tour - Huayra

Another Morning
Another factory

We went to Modena to visit the Ferrari Museum, but we were not allowed to take pictures at all inside the facility.

So I took few shots of the the LaFerrari after some private tour. but its all iPhone quality.
Then we headed to Pagani.

Now things might get out of hand. but I took so many pictures and I have so many stories full of so many details. Thats why I will divide the coverage into few parts instead of doing it in one shot.

So while parking the Lambos inside the gates of Pagani. we noticed this amazing blue Pagani Huayra parked at the end of the driveway behind a green Lamborghini Performante.

So we started with few introduction about the company by Mr.Alberto and he took us directly to the factory where they make the carbon fiber parts and mainly the tub. full of carbon fiber sheets.

Mr. Pagani is obsessed with lightweight so he created a new material call Carbotanium which lighter and stronger than normal carbon fiber!!!!!!

Am feeling guilty calling carbon fiber normal :/
Anyway, the new material will help increase the rigidity of the overall structure and still make the car safer.

The speedometers of the Pagani are all hand made by a swiss watchmaker especially for the Huayra and having in mind that they have to stick to some weight limits set by Pagani to meet the overall targeted weight.

When you look at the amount of details in the car, you'll be amazed. This strap for example is one of many other items that are not very visible but yet, they made sure it is up to their standards.

These small numbers above the steering wheel are not the milage, these are engine hours like yachts and airplanes.

Davide Testi the official test driver for Pagani. This is a new Valentino Balboni Legacy.
This guy started working for Pagani when he was in his early 20s and now hes only 32 maybe and driving the finest cars in the world.

Pagani Huayra Chassis No.1

Then Mr.Alberto took us into another restricted area, where they get the cars ready for delivery and add final touches.

As you can see from the picture below : All carbon fiber covering roof, A-Pillars and upper parts are matte carbon and not shiny. because the whole car is like a glass bubble and you're very exposed to sunlight.

So shiny carbon might reflect into the driver and passengers eyes.
But glass offers very good visibility overall, unlike other cars where you sit very low and cant see where you're going.

The quad exhaust are one of the finest exhausts on earth!! and sounds also good.

Sound system!!!

As you can see below, some of the stuff hidden and will never ever be visible to customers, Brake calibers and ventilation system is made of carbon fiber and very clean when it comes to finishing!! yet they made it like a piece of art.

The heart of the ocean again!
Hand Made
Made by AMG

Each screw is made of Magnesium and comes with the Pagani Logo..
Each cost 40 Euro
Very light!!!

Thats is for the Huayra, Enjoy the rest of the pictures taken by my friend Feras Al-Farsi


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