Sunday, June 9, 2013

Italy Trip - Ferrari Museum

So after the tour at Ferrari Factory.. which was a very restricted area for photography. we decided to visit the Ferrari Museum which is a walking distance of 7 mins from the factory gate.

So many cool old classic Ferraris on display. most of them actually raced and won also!

Ferrari 599XX
A track car for selected customers..
That means, Even if you're rich.. you cant buy the car unless you're selected by Ferrari IF you meet the criteria. And most important, is that this is not a street legal.

Ferrari 250GTO. one of the most expensive cars ever been sold.

Ceramic Composite Brakes for high performance cars.

288GTO, F40 and F50

F40 & F50

Early concepts of the new hypercar 'La Ferrari"

Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Pig


Ferrari Dino

Legends and History

Do I need to say more ?
Enough trophies ?

Ferrari Ezno 69 :p

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