Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lamborghini Grande Giro - Day3

Day 3 from Rome to Bologna..
Last day to spend in the Italian streets, full speed.. Loud and sexy cars..

These two Diablos are from Japan.. Amazing condition.. and very loud when downshifting on a downhill! 

It was raining hard, So I forgot where we stopped for the first time, but it an amazing place, and due to the heavy rain, we didn't get a chance to get the big cameras with us for lunch..

And our matte orange LP570-4 from Kuwait (JJ's Car) was looking good when dirty.. especially with the white HRE rims..

Throughout the journey, few other lamborghinis followed us and made it to the convoy as guests and as you can see the yellow Lamborghini Aventador does not have any stickers on the doors like the blue one.. but I like the rims of the blue one more.

Still looking good..
This is the Demi Moore of cars.. Never age.

Red on Green..

A great salut to the Italian Police for making this event one of the greatest convoys in history..
They made everything possible, and they love cars, they love Lamborghinis and they respect all nationalities.

Special Thanks to Michelle.. Our fellow friend from the cops.. He's the one in the picture above talking to the guy in blue shirt.

The Kid is not interested!!

People love Lamborghini's!

Colourful as it gets! in the narrow italian roads..

All generations were there..


Kuwaiti Aventador Lambo! :)

Some of the pictures above, takin by Feras Al-Farsi.

Chao.. and one more last post..

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