Wednesday, June 19, 2013

NBK Azimut Yacht

I was invited to see The Yacht.. The-Almost-1-million-dollar-yacht by NBK!
As you may all know by now.. NBK is giving out a Yacht this time.. after doing a Lamborghini, SLS, Aston Martin and many other valuable prizes.. This time its a Yacht.

All you have to do is using your credit cards,and for every 20 KD spent in Kuwait you'll get a chance to win.

Use it abroad and triple your chances..
If you didn't win the Yacht, you still have a chance to be one of the lucky 18 winners of cash prizes up to 10Ks.

The Yacht is 40 feet! Huge! and this is the Azimut.. like the Ferrari of boats!
Everything is either wood, leather or fancy metals.. No cheap plastic parts..

Kid's bedroom.. If you have kids anyway :/

Lovely wooden bathroom floor!

Master room..

Italian Engineering, just like Lambos and Ferraris..

And Am gonna tan Here!!if any blogger won that :p
Plus, you'll get your own deck for a year to park your yacht as part of your prize.

What are you waiting for ?
Why use cash anyway ?

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