Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pagani Factory Tour - Zonda

So as explained in the previous post we got to know the complete process of making one of the most beautiful and sophisticated supercars ever.

But since we are in the Pagani Factory, we got to see some exclusive cars like the Zonda Cinque  - One of 5 only made ever, this is one of the Roadsters.

This Zonda comes with revised bodywork, such as longer front splitter, Air scoop, carbon-Titanium to re-enforce the safety and rigidity.

This car is the first Zonda to use the sequential gear since they started the production of the Zonda C12. with the 100millisecond shifting time, this car can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 3.4 seconds and reach a top speed of well over 340km/h.

Details people will never ever see.. but still they made it all from carbon fiber.

This car was built by Mr. Pagani himself to race back in the 70s as a kid. where others used to dream small.. he was aiming very high!

Then we went to take a tour and see some of the old cars and some hidden treasures of the Pagani facilities. we came across this Zonda S or C12S as known for everyone.

One of the very early cars came out of the Zonda family.

Then Booom!
What Daaa!

A Zonda R!!! I never thought i'd see this car in my life. stripped out Zodna.. Imagine you come to a very light car and make it lighter, louder and lower!!!

Not street legal though - Only 15 cars ever made.

Look at the size of that massive rear wing and lower rear diffuser.
This car is not using the 7.3L engine used in all previous Zondas. it is using a lighter engine a 6.0L AMG engine like the one used in the CLK GTR racing car.

This is a Zonda.. Yes. but it shares only about 10% of the components of the Zonda F.
this was a mule for the Zonda successor but no one knew what Mr. Pagani was planning and that this car was one of the fastest car even around tracks. like the Ferrari Enzo FXX and the Maserati MC-12 Corsa.

Extra cooling for the engine.. through the air scoops.

Rear engine bay cover with a revised center diffuser to ensure more stability.

This is the Nonno Zonda or Chassis #2 known for doing almost 1 million km making it one of the most driven cars ever in history! and this car was made to experience and be a mule for every other development plan for the Zonda.

I was hoping i see this car!!!! 

And this Batman car is very customised as a Zonda F.. done by an American artist. It was all over the internet for a while and It was very nice to see it in reality.

The Pagani surround system!!!!!

I was thinking this is just a concept! never knew it existed and actually functions! it was working well.

Pagani Full carbon table!

And finally.. We asked Mr.Alberto if we can see Mr. Pagani and say hi if he's not busy!

And there he was!!
I am very honoured to meet the man who started from scratch and made the finest car in history so far!

Started from being a mechanic in Lamborghini to the benchmark of all sports car makers! 

We decided we will say hi, but we ended up staying and chatting for two hours!! he mentioned so many stories and we asked lots AND LOTS of questions!! 

I would love to state some of his opinions about other cars and car makers, but it was justa  friendly chat and not to be blogged..

Finally he was kind enough to sign some hats and books with our names on all items!!!!!

That's what he used to do when he was only 7!

Some of the pictures were taken and edited by Feras Al-Farsi