Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Google reader is dead..

I am a big fan of google reader..
Now it is gone..


Out of all the fun and innovative ideas came out from Google, the reader is the one I use the most, even more than Gmail. Now that the've decided to kill it.. I am afraid that I couldn't decide on a replacement and start using it..

Let me here what you guys think please!


  1. Replies
    1. For some reason I can't find my feed in it, alrhought I tried before and it worked. Now it's showing me no feeds.

  2. I've moved to Feedly ... using Newsify for iPhone & it's great .. but still searching for a better PC viewer ..

  3. I am trying:

    - Feedly: But something about it is not making me fall in love as I did with Google Reader
    - Feedspot: Has been around for a while and again something is just off there.
    - Digg Reader: It's too simple for now and feedly is slightly better
    - AOL Reader: I haven't yet received my invite but once I do I will report my findings.
    - Feedbin: It's the closest one to Google Reader but no sharing and you have to pay 2$/monthly or 20$/yearly.

    Those were my options. I am waiting for Reeder app on my iPad to be updated so I can use it with the new services.