Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Ferrari just released the final images and specs of the new lighter version, more track-oriented and a future classic.. The new 458 Speciale. 

A little bit of history..
The first lightweight I loved was the the 360 Challenge Stradale.. and it was bloody fast, and there was no other car in this category. the 996 GT3 RS was underpowered compared to it.

Then the 430 Scuderia, Still considered fast around tracks and people love seeing it cuz it represent ferrari in a good way.

The 430 was faster than the 599 GTB Fiorano and can do the same time of the Enzo around Fiorano track in Italy.

When the 458 came later to replace the F430, It was fast, nimble and easy to drive even for amateurs.  Check my test drive Here.

Moreover, the Italia managed to get the same time of the Enzo and Scuderia! and it wasn't the lightweight version yet! which makes it even hard for Ferrari themselves to beat.

I can talk about this for months.. but I am not in the mood..

Cuz what you see here is the lighter, sportier, more focused version of the 458 Italia!
Now you wonder after all the numbers I mentioned above.. what could be faster than that?

After the Enzo, the faster Ferrari now is the F12 (740Bhp) and the V12 makes more torque anyway.

So, the 458 Speciale did it 1.5 seconds faster than the standard 458 Italia, Enzo and F430 Secuderia.
Yet half a second behind the V12s

The car can achieve such numbers because it is 90 kg lighter..
So that's ok for you to drag race a Standard 458 Italia with your girlfriend and a full tank and still you have a chance to win.

0-100 is now done in 3 seconds flat!

The car is now squeezing 596 Bhp from that V8 engine.
Weight : 1290KG Compared to 1365KG (Enzo) and 1440KG (Scuderia)

Amazing !!!

Horsepower per liter :

Speciale :    133 Bhp/Liter
Enzo :        110Bhp/Liter
Scuderia :   121Bhp/Liter
F12 :          116Bhp/Liter

Power/Tonne :
Speciale  : 463Bhp
Enzo : 477Bhp
Scuderia : 359Bhp

As you can see below,

The interior is completely stripped out as compared with the standard 458 Italia.. and the gear mounted in the middle is copied from the great LaFerrari.

Can't wait to see how fast this car can do in reality.. when driven by normal drivers..
Not sure if i'll get a chance to see this one in black!