Friday, August 30, 2013

Review - Ferrari FF Panorama

I was in Dubai for a personal vacation with friends in June. when I got a call from Ghita Majdi from Ferrari Office -ME located in Dubai offering me a test drive of the Ferrari California.

So I had to say no, and stab my heart.. since I told her, i'll be with 3 friends and I don't wanna drive the car with only one of them at a time.

An hour later, she calls..and says.. you and your friends will get a Ferrari FF for the whole trip, Keep it till you get bored!! 

Since I drove the Ferrari FF last time in Dubai, I will leave the boys to tell you the story..
Some of them never been in a Ferrari before. to be in the first hatchback Ferrari was not what they expected.

Lets see what they think..

I'll introduce you to my friends first..
Big O : is the oldest one, this is why he's the O
QMoe : is the fat guy dieting all his life, got the front seat all the time.
FMR : is the tech freak.. always finding stuff in the car we can't find.

First impressions:

Big O : Hated the car.. he thought Ferraris should never be hatchbacks and was not convinced about the design

QMoe : Love from first sight.. my future car.

FMR : Wow! loved the car, shape, colour and interior.

Ride Quality..

Big O : 9/10 

QMoe : 10/10

FMR : 10/10

Interior :

Big O : Perfect, Perfect........   Perfect. amazing colour combination matching the carbonfiber and sticthing. amazing Panorama view in Dubai especially when cruising around JBR. with so many attention to details.. matching the price tag.

QMoe : Interior comes with best quality material, screen is not up to the Ferrari standards very simple. not easy for people who never been in a Ferrari Before.

FMR : Perfect, Lousy Navigation system. not easy to use and was expecting it to be more suer friendly.

Big O - Back seat (Hight - 176cm)  : Very comfortable, not easy access in-out but the seat was comfy even for long distances.

QMoe - Got the front seat the whole time : Very comfortable although i'm overweight and was able to wear the seatbelt.

FMR  - Back seat (169 cm):  Very comfortable, easy access and was comfortable during the four days of the trip.

Engine Sound : 

Big O : Noisy :P

QMoe : I thought it would be louder for a Ferrari, but was OK to have a conversation while doing high speeds.

FMR : OK, not noisy, not crisp. just like a Ferrari.

The Way people look at the car?

Big O : Everyone is looking at us! makes you feel special and VIP like! people taking pictures of the car.. Very classy..

QMoe : Everyone was looking at us! feels easier to make friends while in the FF!

FMR : Every one was like.. "Daaaamn! Rich kids"

Boot Space?

Big O : Very spacious for a Ferrari! shocking!

QMoe : Enough for full day shopaholics..

FMR : Enough for two people + luggage for a road trip around Europe.

These bags were all in a Ferrari! A Ferrari! with 4 adults!

Air Condition :

Big O : was cold, no complains at all.

QMoe : Perfect!

FMR : Never felt I need to use the highest fan speed! was cold enough!

General Comments :

Big O : Never thought I'd like the car after the first impression.. I hated it. But after spending four days in the back seat.. I LOVED IT. now I know why Ferrari made that car this way. And really could find customers.
The pocket in the back seats.. was very tight.. for a magazine maybe.

QMoe : Love the shape of the car, loved the way it looks and colour. appleaing.. After driving the car.. Felt so fast for a four seater Ferrari! sounds amazing.. very composed and direct! 

FMR : Panorama is open and can't be covered, but in the GCC summer, this might be hot. but the vast glass roof might be hot at 50C. 

The car we got, was fully loaded with Ferrari Original bags and a Golf bag! the boot is just enormous!

Our car was equipped with air con for the front seats.. feels cold enough, but over cold! you won't get sick..

Hope you like the review of the guys.
Thanks Ghitha from Ferrari for the great opportunity and the 1.5 million Dirhams car for the whole trip..

We still talk about how we got a car that costs more to rent than the whole trip!!!!!!


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