Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bentley Flying Spur Launch in Dubai

The new Bentley Flying Spur was launched globally few weeks ago in China since it is one of the fastest luxury cars growing markets.

So I was invited by Al-Zayyani Kuwait (The dealers of Bentley, Bugatti Jaguar, Ferrari and Daihatsu in Kuwait) to go to Dubai to attend the regional Launch and a test drive a day after.

I Arrived in Dubai the day of the launch, hit the gym and then got ready for the launch.
It was taking place in JW Marriott Marquis. one nice hotel I never knew about again in Dubai!

The night started, and I was all dressed up in a racing suit (Kidding of course) and went to mingle around and enjoy the pre-launch party.

The place was very classy since it is held by one of the most luxurious brands globally and they have to stick to their standards and origins.

Music and snacks passing around. was very cool.

The moment of the launch was close, As a car lover, I already know how the car looks and performs (Numbers only) So I was exited to see the car for the first time in the flesh.

Boooom! What a stance!!!
For many people, this is just another flying spur.. But to someone knows the car, they can tell the differences between this one and the outgoing model.

I'll just mention some of them, not all
Big headlights out, small one inside, And this will give the car a wider look.
Side B Badge for Bentley.
Wider body over all and you can notice that from the hips.
More verity of rims, optional to customers to choose from.
New back lights, which I couldn't like. but it has a design significance that I will explain later.

Mr. Geoff Dowding Bentley Regional Director of Middle East, Asia Pacific and UK explaining how the heritage of bentley is still well taken care of in this car. yet, they gave it a new sporting personality with more luxury features never been available in the previous flying spur.

Waiting for the test drive ?
Wait for the next post ;)

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