Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa

During one of my visits to Dubai, I stayed in The Sofitel The Palm Resort Click here to visit the website

The hotel is a little far away from everything.. but very good if your visit was mainly for relaxing and not planning to go out a lot.

So I got a Beach House instead of a normal room..

As you can see above, Big bathroom that can be opened to the bedroom.. with a huge tub in the middle enough for a party if you're afraid to go out..

Changing room connected to the bathroom

Bedroom is so huge and also connected to the living room, all rooms can be separated with a wooden door. but I'm sure you won't go there with a stranger.

Living room with proper seating and two TVs. Very airy and nice..

Balcony has a dining table along with a relaxing seating area.. very huge..

The hotel is superb!
They have a huge spa..
Very great Gym!
And free shuttle to take you to Dubai Mall and back to the hotel.

I recommend it for honeymooners


  1. This beach house looks great and I too would like to stay in this house to spend my vacation with my friends and family.
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  2. This place is fabulous Stiggy! I want to go right now....:)

  3. Traveling to Arab World no doubt makes you to enjoy the real technology of life, and to stay there makes feel that you are heaven, because of their Interior as well as exterior famous in all the world.

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