Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Test Drive - 2014 Bentley Flying Spur

It is The morning already - I am here recapping on my Previous Post when the Flying Spur was launched.

In the morning we had some coffee followed by a brief about the route and some technical background about the car.. I was amazed to know that they offer more than 100 colours for the bentley cars all over!!

100+!!!! That's a lot!!!

So we started by getting two people in every car for the drive, I was a bit late.. so everyone was off in a car.. I was behind.. The guy who was with me in the car was a staff!!!!

That means I'll do all the driving ALONE!! in a Bentley!!

First impression : When you see the car from the outside, you will know for sure that this is a Bentley!

Fancy, Big, Scary, Huge Rims, Round lights, That B badge on the bonnet, Chrome finished grille.
The colours available are so many! there were 24 cars to test, all with different colours.

For some reasons, maybe to weather constrains, people here in the gulf region usually opt for anything but dark colours.

Rims options are so huge too, around 5 different options of rims can be fitted to the car. but they are huge. for such a big wide car, you need big rims to fill wheel arches and make it look all composed.

The rear haunch, is one of the main key features that differentiate the new Flying spur from the old model. It gives it a more scary wide look from the back. but more importantly, it offers so much grip on twisty roads because the wheels are literally hanging outside the car!!

Yet you'll have more boot space. 

One of the things I couldn't like on the car is the tail alights.
If i tell you this car was made in 1991. you'll probably believe it.

Although Bentley are very proud of designing such a thing.. because for designers, this is such a smart thing considering the LED lights inside are the same shape as the exhaust. which is smart I admit.

I kept asking people about it.. to see if its only me. and it seems many people are not into such overall square shape.

The fun part was, As I mentioned in the beginning. I was the last to leave the hotel. so I had to stare at the thing for the entire trip.

W12 engine, very powerful. Ultra smooth. Super torquey.

Twin Turbo
616 Bhp
800 Nm of torque! 800!!!!!
All wheel drive

With these numbers, this is the fastest luxury car.

All of this power coming from the engine, goes directly to a 8 speeds ZF gearbox made especially for this car. 

The car can pull very scary speeds in 7th from 100km\h. That engine and gearbox combination is something out of this world!

The rims you see here is for the car I was driving, a three-piece rim for the top of the range Mulliner Flying Spur.

There is northing to tell from the outside that this is a Mulliner. apart from a very thin line under the side windows goes from one end to another. all made by HAND.

The front Grille also made by hand is one of the key features of the Bentley.

Yes, Handcrafted!! in Crew!!

This is the Flying Spur next to the big Mulsanne. The flagship Bentley.

To differentiate the Flying Spur from the Continental GT, they placed the big lights to the outer side of the car to give it a more wide look.

While in the CGT it is still to the inside.

From the inside, I can tell that this car was made to be for people who can afford it. 
And if you can afford it, there's a 99% you can afford a chauffeur.
And if you're in the back seat, you have a memory buttons on the sides, seats can move in differet directions and most importantly a Massage Button!

Yes and it feels so good :P

Since you're in the back with the driver, they offer two buttons for the side windows for both sides so you don't have to ask the driver to open it for you, or even makes you move.

That will lead to not burning enough calories due to lack of movement and eventually you'll be fat if you're not fat already.

Driver seat comes with more buttons and toys.
You literally can move every single part of it! including yourself!

Since the car is so perfect, I was looking for thing to pick on the car. I couldn't find.. except this..
When you put the key and turn the car on, the logo will be upside down!

Yes, That's it!

I just can't believe this gear lever was made by hand! 

Red interior, Diamond stitched and you can feel the human touch in it. The smell of the leather is so seductive I am afraid.

In the back, you'll get a touch screen remote control, That remote can do everything.
Like : 
Vehicle settings
Vehicle Data, like speed, outside temperature 
Entertainment System
Navigation System and more

You just press the eject button and the remote will come out.
Keep it next to you and play with the gadgets.

All in All.. This is a Bentley.
I was driving for 6 hours, 450kms in total. No need for a massage.

The Old Flying Spur was a little bit more loud when it comes to the exhaust note. This one was toned down and added a couple of speeds to the gear.

But when you floor it down, the car will shock you with the sound of the exhaust!!!
I was thinking maybe Bentley lied about the actual weight of the car which is 2.6 tonnes!!!!!!
The car feels like much lighter when you give the throttle some touch..

Brilliant engine!

Thanks to Ahmed Nagi from Al-Zayyani for the test drive opportunity.

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