Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Test Drive - 2014 Maserati Quattroporte

I was in Dubai again for a test drive.
This time it is the 2014 Maserati Quattroporte S
The Quattroporte S means it is the V6 Version of the car.

There's the previously launched GTS which is a V8

We started a night before with a brief about the trip, followed by a dinner at Roberto's. a Fancy Italian restaurant that suits the italian car! 

Next morning, we met again over breakfast and we headed in Maseratis with a chauffeur to take us to a helipad. few minutes later, our helicopter arrived, and we headed to Fujairah Airport to pick up the Maseratis.

First impression : 

Yes this is the V6.. But not a cheaper version of the V8. No.. This is nicely spec car but with a more economical engine, less fuel consumption and more efficient.

Lots of wood, leather, Alcantara and aluminium involved!

I have a thing against shiny wood..not that the wood is ugly or something. but I prefer the wood type Maserati uses.. or at least the one was in my car. cuz other cars were trimmed with the shiny wood.

Finishing is superb!

Speedometer is cool and that logo in the middle makes you remember that you're in a Maserati. A car with a great history in motorsport.

Motorsport means speed.
Speed reminds you of the engine.
Engine is V6!
How's that related ?

Well, The engine is a V6
Twin Turbos
406ft of torque
8 speeds ZF gearbox

And the Engine is not the usual 90 degree V shape, this is a 60 degree V engine. to even-out the firing intervals and still runs smoother.

Now there's noway you can guess the engine size or capacity if you dont already know.


Because the engine has so much power, you'd think you're in a normally aspirated V8.
What about the sound ?

Oh yeah!
Lower those windows, find a concrete roadside and floor the car next to it.
Enjoy the roaring V6! Yes it sounds like a V8! That's how italians make cars..

So we took the cars from Fujairah Airport through some bendy roads and twisty corners.
We pushed hard in some places, speed limit was applied throughout the trip.

After an hour or so,we arrived to Ras Al-Khaimah for lunch.

After lunch, I took a look at the spec sheet of the cars.
Almost everything is standard!

Apart from minor things like glass automatic sunroof! I thought that would be fitted as a standard option in a car like this.

Type of wood, Alcantara roofline, Sound system, steering wheel mounted gear pedals and few other options depending on your taste are available for you to choose from.

Outside look can tell you this is a Maserati with the big grille in the front. That's a signature.

The car comes in two drivetrain options, rearwheel drive and all-wheel drive.
The ones we tested were rear-wheel drive.

For a dry region like middle east. all-wheel drive is not necessary and the car has great traction already.

I was trying to make the car do a burnout, in a straight line, sport mode on. Nothing happened! it was quick but no smoke! which means we don't need the all-wheel drive system.

Even while cornering, steering feel was ok, not one of those electrically supported system where you lose the feel of the car.

Weight distribution is 50\50 due to the fact they placed the transmission in the back with the rear axle. just like the outgoing model.

Car from the inside is spacious.
One of the test drivers was 6.11ft and he slept in the back seat!!!!!!!
for almost 90 mins!!!

There's a button next to the Sport butting.. Says "I.C.E" means Increased Control & Efficiency"
To be honest, it was not easy to measure the fuel consumption on one trip or one day. but I was on sport mode for 120km, and then another 255km on the way back, within the speed limit.. and almost 450km in total, I consumed less than half a tank!!!

Having in mind, when you're driving in "Sport" mode all the time, you eliminate the sue of the 8th speed!

This might mean nothing to us in Kuwait, especially with the cheap fuel prices. but look at it from my point of view "Less visits to the fuel stations which takes time too"

Like a smiling whale!

Yeah! not too much buttons on the steering wheel too.. but why have things you never use ?
Everything is within the reach, Navigation system is so easy to use.
Screen is huge but burrowed from Chrysler!

Car feels agile since around 60% of the body is made of aluminium. with some parts made of magnesium.

All in All :

Car feels very shocking when it comes to power every time I remember this is a V6!
Sound is amazing for a small engine.
looks identical to the big sister V8 which is good.. but bad for the V8

Italians are now more reliable with this particular car, no more gearbox issues. this is a daily car and I mean it!


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