Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gulf Run 24 hours Endurance Karting Race 2013

I will not explain what GulfRun is after 8 years of success..

But if you're really new to cars.. go to their website to know more.. Click Here

So Drivers were up and ready with the booth setups, sleeping bags allover.
Coffee and tea..
People walking in racing suits a helmets hanging on the walls..
 in short... awesome..

Then they started the grid arrangement

And the 24 hrs race started...

I stayed for two hours, then headed to chalet for BBQ night, came back after 7 hours and they're still racing!

Asking about team orders while passing by the pits..

Less drag, better and faster! Smart!!

Went home, slept for few hours, came back.. still racing!

Went hoe again, slept for few more hours, went to the gym, showered, came back.. still racing!

And the checkered flag is waved after 24 hours!
This is not easy by the way..
Some of the managing race control people stayed up for more than 30 hours straight..
Some team managers stayed up too!

Great job from everyone.. especially Gulf Run Team!

Now I'll leave you with some pictures of the team and ceremony..


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