Tuesday, December 17, 2013

GulfRun 9 Dinner night

So every year Gulf Run invite drivers, friends and food lovers to a dinner where they all meet, eat, socialise and talk about nothing but cars..  

So I love food and cars.. this would be interesting then!
As you enter the warehouse or aka the secret meeting venue.. you notice lots of super cars and rare GT3 RSs and other fancy toys parked outside!

You feel there's something cool going on here!

Then you're greeted by the two KTMs

Music and DJ..

Then the two DMC F12 and Aventador!!!

Everything was perfect about this F12 even without modifications.. But the red rim lip is so 1990 and the top roof air scoop is too much!

The Avy on the other hand looks brilliant!
Color, Kit, Stance, Rims... love it!

For almost two hours I spent there.. we talked about nothing but cars and photography..
I was so happy finding the right people to talk about the subject..
I learn new stuff from them.. They know a lot with passion..

They played an exclusive video too that night as a teaser for GR9
Soon will try to find the video and post it.

Here below you can find the picture of the ultimate toy ever.. the BMW 1M


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