Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lamborghini Huracán

Meet The long awaited Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4

Or AKA Gallardo replacement
A little bit of history here..
First Gallardo was a 2005 model that packed a V10 making 520 Bhp
Then replaced with the LP560-4 in 2009
And with so many ranges came out as limited editions and lighter versions

The New LP610-4 comes with greater modifications to make the car very competitive since Ferrari & McLaren have their cars already using double clutch..

And that what the Italian bad boy did with the new Lambo.
YES! Finally a double clutch!

Design is very sleek and looks very similar to the older brother "Aventador"
Finally a Proper wheel design I guess.

5.2 Litre
610 Bhp
413 pound-feet of torque
4wheel drive
0-100 3.2 sec
0-200 9.9 seconds
top speed 325 km/h

The car was named after a fighting bull from 1879 that was named Huracán
Just like the Aventador and Gallardo

Car will be on sale after the Geneva Motorshow next March and we will receive it here in the region around may/june

This car has a very difficult task..
The previous Gallardo was the best seller in the history of Lamborghini at 14,022 cars!!
This car either brake the number or long live the Gallardo

Let's hope it performs as it looks


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