Sunday, December 8, 2013

Test Drive : Chevrolet Impala 2013

I was invited by Yousef Ahmed Alghanim Automotive in Kuwait, Dealers of Chevrolet (And so many other car brands as well) to test drive the Chevrolet Impala for a weekend..

So I said YES!

I always wanted to test drive a normal daily car, Not that I drive supercars or high end luxury cars all the time, But I got so many invitations from hyper car brands.. This though was a new experience, Plus my dad always made fun of me loving cars and wasting time.. BUT! he always wanted a Chevrolet and he was happier than me when I got it :P

The history of the Imapala goes back to 1958.. thats 55 years of heritage and was always the luxurious sportier version of the Caprice.

This one though is better than the outgoing model that was to so many people a bit of a disappointment.

New Chevrolet cars have a clear identity and you can clearly tell that they belong to the chevy family, lots of improvements in every aspect and I will go into details of everything.

Interior :

Much improved, not the usual idea you have about american cars in general. having in mind you're not in a Cadillac.. you still have a huge touchscreen, lots of leather and stitching including doorsills and headrests, full dash.

Cabin is huge from the inside although it looks quit compact from the outside.
Headroom is not a problem, legroom for the backseats is more than enough for ultra tall people.
This car to me falls in the same size of the Toyota Avalon and Hundai Azera and KIA Qadenza.

The wood-look in the cabin is very decent and appear to be like a very expensive material, goes in well with the combination of colours you get for the leather.

The car I got for a test drive was the LTZ, which is the top of line, where you get all the equipments ticked.

For example, the touchscreen is very huge and the feel of the touch is not iPhone-like but theres no delay of stupid motions.

Also features MyLink which is a new added feature in new chevys that allow you to stream music directly from your mobile via bluetooth, including calls too.

You can press a button to lift the screen and find a secret compartment (Not anymore secret):P where you have a USB port to charge your mobile.  

At night, the cabin have these dimmed lined lights around the cabin, looks nice.. but no added value except some nice ambience. 

Engine : 3.6L V6 makes a good 310 Bhp @6800 RPM.
Power is good for a city car, having in mind this is a new engine revolves around making great fuel economy.

Steering is electric and smart, fun to use and very direct.

Fuel economy is great i'd say..
I drove the car with a full tank.. drove for 400km and was barely below half tank! thats amazing.. recon the car would do 700 easily..

I asked few friends also to drive the car.. they were all amazed by how American cars gone a bit too far when it comes to refinement.

One comment I have about the screen..
The USB hub is behind the screen.. so once you open lift the screen, hook your mobile, you have to leave your mobile behind the screen to close it again in order for it to work.

What if I needed something from the mobile ?
I have to lift the screen up again! or pull the wire out, and close the screen on it!!

All in all..

FINALLY! a Chevrolet back on track.. not the plastic interior..
fun to drive, smooth and quit up to 140km/h
spacious and comfy

Thanks to Al-Ghanim for the opportunity..

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