Saturday, January 25, 2014

GulfRun 9

Like every year...
We drove to Bahrain.. and reached the hotel to see all the GulfRun cars parked outside in a special parking.. 

And we got a free room as a gesture from GulfRun this year! Thanks guys for the support.. 

The next day (Thursday) we woke up early and went to the track!
And theres lots of enthusiasm in the atmosphere!
Signed up as Media and passenger.. and we started the weekend..

So many new cars this year..
The drivers are more experienced..
Everyone FINALLY realised that tires makes a big difference..

Same set up of the circuits.. Inner, Outer, GP and autocross..
Some cars are having better times depending on the track too based on weight and power..

The 997.1 is one of the purist cars..
But i'd take the 997.2 for real

The Japs!

This Porsche attended more GulfRun events than any other car maybe!

I found BuZaid and the new helmet of his son Zaid the Kuwaiti races..

And the tradition..
The Group Picture.. but this year they did it at the exit of the pits, not around turn 1.. Not a bad Idea.. but whoever did that.. is not a photographer.. we managed somehow to take some pictures.. but not as clear.

The light ones

Porsche GT3RS Vs. GTR = The one I hate Vs. The one I love.

Then after the timing session.. too much stress and competition, Sami Haider as usual wins with two cars this year instead of one.

After The break, we went to the drag strip for the drag race..

American cars have lots of power, no grip.
German cars too much grip and power, excessive weight.
Japanese are always spitting fire and heavily modified! cuz they can't make a powerful stock car!

Briefing for all racers before they start the race.. different settings and Gavin and Salman are sharing experience.

All in All.. GulfRun as an event.. evolved from just a punch of guys driving fast to a full on educating program and more of a race rather than a fun cruising in fast cars.

Even for non car lovers, It is a great hangout.. This year I had lots of people who never attended GulfRun ever.. and they absolutely love it.

I attended GulfRun for 5 years and still can't miss it next year since I know they are making something big..

Many Thanks to : Ahmed Al-Mudhaf, Marzouq Al-Ghanim, Khalid Al-Furaih, Hashim AL-Sawan, Bahrain International Circuit Staff, And All the people that I didn't get a chance to get their names.

See you all next year and wait for the video.  

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 Audi RS7 Vs. Porsche Panamera Turbo

I love fast saloons, and Porsche masters everything they do..
Audi brought a tough rival to the Panamera Turbo.. which is the RS7

Both have V8s
Twin Turbo
way above 500bhp
and lots of grip..

How is gonna be?

Is your father rich ?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

MTC aka McLaren Technology Center

Photography is not allowed, but I was lucky I got these images using a mobile since my DSLR is too big and obvious.

These pictures were never shown before and I guess McLaren are ok.. or I assume!
I was visiting McLaren on a business mission and luckily got access.. The building is beyond amazing..

Below are some real McLaren Formula1 cars during the days they partnered with Honda.. some won races and some raced by legends. 

Never seen three McLaren F1s together..
And not even normal ones.. GT edition and LeMans
I am in Love!

Some MP4s lining up outside, some for staff.. and some for testing..
What's the Carrera doing in the end ?

Lake view..
The lake cools off the building and machines.. so it is always hot.. and never freeze in winter.

We caught them filming something with two guys playing Jensen and Sergio

A Beautiful MP4-12C spyder parked outside in the sub zero degrees weather.

Old meets new.. Bruce McLaren would be proud


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

GulfRun Teaser 2014

Amazing like every year..
Enthusiasm and dedication for the 9th year..


2014 RangeRover sport crossed the Empty Quarter in one day

This is an amazing video looks like Nat Geo quality and feel..
Shows the ability of a completely standard 2014 RangeRover sport crossing the empty quarter in Saudia Arabia.. The largest desert in the world.

You have to see some great footage..

tempting ?