Wednesday, January 8, 2014

MTC aka McLaren Technology Center

Photography is not allowed, but I was lucky I got these images using a mobile since my DSLR is too big and obvious.

These pictures were never shown before and I guess McLaren are ok.. or I assume!
I was visiting McLaren on a business mission and luckily got access.. The building is beyond amazing..

Below are some real McLaren Formula1 cars during the days they partnered with Honda.. some won races and some raced by legends. 

Never seen three McLaren F1s together..
And not even normal ones.. GT edition and LeMans
I am in Love!

Some MP4s lining up outside, some for staff.. and some for testing..
What's the Carrera doing in the end ?

Lake view..
The lake cools off the building and machines.. so it is always hot.. and never freeze in winter.

We caught them filming something with two guys playing Jensen and Sergio

A Beautiful MP4-12C spyder parked outside in the sub zero degrees weather.

Old meets new.. Bruce McLaren would be proud


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