Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2014 Lamborghini Aventador Vs. 1980s Lamborghini Countach

If you were one of those boys who read about cars back when magazines were the only source of information. Dial Up was the only way to connect to internet, and downloading an HD video is impossible since they don't exist! then you must lived in an era where the Diablo was just introduced and the Countach was still one of those powerful cars.

You should have some respect for cars who started something..
The Countach started these doors, top speed and supercar shape..

Here you can decide how you look at it after 30 years from the model tested.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

2014 McLaren P1 on Drive by Chris Harris

The Video is 28 minutes and summarise everything you may need to know.. I need to say nothing but watch and listen to how many details.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2014 Cadillac CTS Launch in Kuwait

A Couple of weeks ago, I got an invitation from Alghanim Automotive Kuwait, (Dealers of Chevrolet, Cadillacand Saab) to attend the Launch of the new Cadillac CTS.

Event was covered by Nanuphotography from the Q8Stig Team

It was a cozy private event, for media, VIPs and executives from Al-Ghanim.

Few Images from behind the scenes before the unveiling of the car.

A Picture with AL-Ghanim Executives with the new Cadillac..

The car looks sporty and aggressive, sharp lines yet softer in comparison with the outgoing model with more use of LED lights everywhere.

Balanced with 50/50 weight distribution due to replacing steel with aluminium in certain areas of the structure of the car to achieve the optimum balance.

Along with the new V6 3.6L twin turbo engine that makes a good 420Bhp which is more than decent for this level of midsize luxury sedan.

Interior is heavily revised, 12.3 LED screen replacing traditional gauges and can be personalised based on your need and type of driving.

Dimmer lights are all around the cabin, not new.. but with the dark interior makes a nice combination at night.

Front brakes by Brembo to cope with the added power. Lets hope it drives better than the description and we'll see soon if we can put our hands on one of those to test it.  

Nice event overall and Many Thanks to Al-Ghanim for the invitation.

Chevrolet Corvette C7 Vs. Porsche Carrera S Vs. Jaguar Ftype Vs. Audi R8

So this is the cold war..
The American muscle Corvette C7 Stingray against the best of European manufacturers.. If I could ask for more, I would bring the C63 Coupe and the M3 although it is a bit outdated but both are 400+ and have V8s in them.

This wasn't a fair competition and if there was a pointing system, I guess the Corvette could nail it  easily.



Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pagani Zonda S with the 7.3 AMG Engine

When I started blogging back in 2007, I never thought I'd do something at all. But my passion towards cars helped me meet great car enthusiasts and visit places never thought I'd go to.

Drive cars limited in numbers..
Meet great people in the the auto sport field.

This guy though is more lucky.. Because he met Mr. Pagani..
Went with him as a passenger in his personal Zonda S full carbon fiber body
And more over, Drove it with Mr. Pagani next to him!!

Lucky Lad!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

McLaren P1 In Bahrain

While attending GulfRun9 and skipping the Kuwait motor show or whatever it was called.. I heard from Khalid (One of the founders of GulfRun) that awesome cars will be on display during the event in Bahrain.

Awesome means a lot but I didn't get it..

And as you see.. I met the new.. P1

The car accommodate so many radiators to help the V8 Twin Turbo Unit in the back to cool off..
Which means added weight.. along with the battery which also weighs another 120KG.

I was with a fellow blogger (Dude from 7ajiDude.com) and I saw him asking Duncan Hill the aftersales regional manger for the middle east and south africa some questions.. so I listen only for 20 seconds..

Then I started asking one question after another for the following two hours non-stop..
Duncan was well aware of everything!!!! literally Everything!!! because he used to be a senior engineer for the McLaren F1 car!

From the racing history!
McLaren F1 history and details!
Ron Dennis!
Gordon Murrey!
The new MP4-12C
And the new P1!!

He gave me a tour around the car and explained every single detail about aerodynamics and how the transmission can work with both electric and combustion chamber motors..

How cooling works..
How the single carbon tub was made and why compared to the F1.
How's the air being circulated from the front end to the rear wing and air diffuser.

I was mesmerised! I mean the car looks better in real life than in pictures.. you get to notice how wide it is.. yet the rear tires are only 315mm! while the Bugatti fits 355 and The Dodge SRT Viper accommodates 345mm!

Its all systems now rather than mechanical.

So why add an electric motor and add weight while your V8 with the already bigger turbos and lighter shell already do great?

Because of some silly fuel emissions regulations going on all over the globe.. and to help customers pay less taxes.
And for the instant torque.. other than this.. The car can drive on electric mode only for 20KM before it runs out of power and ignite the V8.

Sound was cool.. only inside the pits.. didn't got the chance to see it actually drive. but they claimed a new record around Bahrain International Circuit.

All 350 P1s already sold out, I believe two or three are sold in Bahrain alone. Not sure if any of them coming to Kuwait.

But on the other hand, Kuwait Dealer Ali Alghanem and sons got a certificate to be the best McLaren dealer world wide as they claimed.. so why not.

Having in mind it uses almost the same engine in the MP4.

In the same pit garage sits a nice orange MP4-12C limited edition 50th anniversary car that looks absolutely humble next to the P1.

This is so mind disturbing.. Because if you drove the MP4 and noticed the amount of power and control over other rivals.. you start to build up some respect and fear every time you come across one.. but next to the P1! NO!

The rear wing is scoop shaped and made fully from Carbon Fiber.. with two hydraulic jacks that can lift up to a baby elephant..

and it reacts to the driving needs based on the speed being done. with the DRS set up.

If you know enough about the McLaren F1 and the MP4.. you know then that McLaren never leave anything untouched or for later..

Everything is taken care of.. although I don't like the way the SLR drives a lot.. I admit it is powerful but it was a grand tourer not a full on track car.

From the inside, it looks somehow similar, very simple and practical.. To me.. it was easy to enter the car and come out.
They added some roll cage hidden under a carbon clothing to give the car more rigidity and make it safer.

DRS is now available at the press of a button mounted on the steering wheel, available whenever you wanna take over some 918s :P

Some of the smart stuff that no one noticed.. all the carbon in the interior is matte. This is actually been studied and can stop sun reflection to the driver.

The weight issue is lingering since they added some more weight with the electric motor.. so they used lighter leather and alcantara. they say that the leather in the MP4 is better but thats not the main aim for such a car.

Hidden buttons under the door are too smart too to be accessible to the driver without having to go inside the car to reach them..

I could do a lecture about this car and rephrase everything Duncan told me!
Number of the nurburgring are not everything to me.. but will love if they manage to do better than they one they claimed. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Road Rush 4 - Day 2

After A long day in the track with the girls in day 1 (Click here if you missed it)
I went to a great Japanese restaurant with my Bahraini friends called Mirai.. I should've reviewed it instead of just eating..!

So next morning we came a bit later than day1 since we can skip the briefing and instructions and everyone can just drive.

Here We go Q8Stig

The 2nd day have different activities than Day1
No more GP circuit, but we have the inner circuit, drag race again and Autocross..

Some cars can be more usable for inner circuit since they can't do high top speeds, but turn better than big heavy cars.. the game is different.

More McLaren rides during Day 2 since everyone was excited and willing to give it a try. especially some of the girls who experienced other cars as a passenger, they thought they might also like the feeling of the MP4.

What a Machine!

Hessa Al-Loughani from Al-Watan TV was there to cover the event for her show Banat o Bas as a media sponsor, interviewing Latifa Al-Nassar the founder of RoadRush.

Cars lining up to do the final parade and the famous picture at Turn one.. and I go Up the Bahrain Tower..

Great view from there.. some of the girls were missing so we ended up with these cars.. few were facing some mechanical issues so we left them at the pits too.

Winners of the Drag Race

Winners of the inner circuit

Winners of the GP Circuit

Road Rush Thanks Shiekh Salman Bin Essa Al-Khalifa for his continues support and making sure to attend every year to check on the girls and how everything is going as planned and even better.

Then he awarded the 5 founders of RoadRush for their dedication and love of the motorsport.

Best supporters of Road Rush!
Some handled design and media, logistics and social media and more..

Great Job!

4 as in 4 years..

Great picture of the cars with the tower..

All in all.. A great event put together and shows lots of dedication.. they start working on the event long time ahead..

Done charity events and gatherings for the girls.
Karting event.
Meet ups and dinner.
Videos and pictures for different occasions.

And most of all, teaching girls how to use the cars and know the capabilities. safe environment to use the full throttle without breaking laws.

Amazing effort, wish you all the best in celebrating 5 years next year enshalla.

Good luck and thanks for hosting us as part of the RR Family..