Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2014 Cadillac CTS Launch in Kuwait

A Couple of weeks ago, I got an invitation from Alghanim Automotive Kuwait, (Dealers of Chevrolet, Cadillacand Saab) to attend the Launch of the new Cadillac CTS.

Event was covered by Nanuphotography from the Q8Stig Team

It was a cozy private event, for media, VIPs and executives from Al-Ghanim.

Few Images from behind the scenes before the unveiling of the car.

A Picture with AL-Ghanim Executives with the new Cadillac..

The car looks sporty and aggressive, sharp lines yet softer in comparison with the outgoing model with more use of LED lights everywhere.

Balanced with 50/50 weight distribution due to replacing steel with aluminium in certain areas of the structure of the car to achieve the optimum balance.

Along with the new V6 3.6L twin turbo engine that makes a good 420Bhp which is more than decent for this level of midsize luxury sedan.

Interior is heavily revised, 12.3 LED screen replacing traditional gauges and can be personalised based on your need and type of driving.

Dimmer lights are all around the cabin, not new.. but with the dark interior makes a nice combination at night.

Front brakes by Brembo to cope with the added power. Lets hope it drives better than the description and we'll see soon if we can put our hands on one of those to test it.  

Nice event overall and Many Thanks to Al-Ghanim for the invitation.

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