Monday, February 3, 2014

Road Rush 4 - Day 1

Road Rush for those new to the blog.. is an event organised and managed by girls for girls.
They ship their cars to Bahrain International Circuit from Kuwait to drive fast in a safe environment and get to know the car better, techniques and overall track experience with professional instructors!.

They started with a briefing about the track set-up and how to use it.

Cars are ready..

Then they go around the track following the lead car to know the track for few times before they go alone.

There's also the McLaren middle east office.. who prepared two new McLarens MP4-12C for test drives for the girls to experience.

They go first with the instructor as a test drive and a demonstration, then they drive the car to explore the full potential of the car.. I have a lot to say about the McLaren and might do a separate post later with the video.

After so many laps and lots of brakes pads being abused..
they got ready for the Drag Race..

Lining up for the drag race..

The battle of the V12 Vs V8
Single clutch Vs double clutch
front engine Vs Rear Engine

Who you think won this ?

After so many races between s many cars, back to the pits for getting ready for the three seater dragster.. which I only have videos about, not pictures because someone took my camera :/

And that was day one,
Long but exciting..
Tiring but worth it..
Noisy but musical..

The girls are doing better times every year now..

Chao and wait for Day 2 

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