Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Road Rush 4 - Day 2

After A long day in the track with the girls in day 1 (Click here if you missed it)
I went to a great Japanese restaurant with my Bahraini friends called Mirai.. I should've reviewed it instead of just eating..!

So next morning we came a bit later than day1 since we can skip the briefing and instructions and everyone can just drive.

Here We go Q8Stig

The 2nd day have different activities than Day1
No more GP circuit, but we have the inner circuit, drag race again and Autocross..

Some cars can be more usable for inner circuit since they can't do high top speeds, but turn better than big heavy cars.. the game is different.

More McLaren rides during Day 2 since everyone was excited and willing to give it a try. especially some of the girls who experienced other cars as a passenger, they thought they might also like the feeling of the MP4.

What a Machine!

Hessa Al-Loughani from Al-Watan TV was there to cover the event for her show Banat o Bas as a media sponsor, interviewing Latifa Al-Nassar the founder of RoadRush.

Cars lining up to do the final parade and the famous picture at Turn one.. and I go Up the Bahrain Tower..

Great view from there.. some of the girls were missing so we ended up with these cars.. few were facing some mechanical issues so we left them at the pits too.

Winners of the Drag Race

Winners of the inner circuit

Winners of the GP Circuit

Road Rush Thanks Shiekh Salman Bin Essa Al-Khalifa for his continues support and making sure to attend every year to check on the girls and how everything is going as planned and even better.

Then he awarded the 5 founders of RoadRush for their dedication and love of the motorsport.

Best supporters of Road Rush!
Some handled design and media, logistics and social media and more..

Great Job!

4 as in 4 years..

Great picture of the cars with the tower..

All in all.. A great event put together and shows lots of dedication.. they start working on the event long time ahead..

Done charity events and gatherings for the girls.
Karting event.
Meet ups and dinner.
Videos and pictures for different occasions.

And most of all, teaching girls how to use the cars and know the capabilities. safe environment to use the full throttle without breaking laws.

Amazing effort, wish you all the best in celebrating 5 years next year enshalla.

Good luck and thanks for hosting us as part of the RR Family..


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