Monday, March 24, 2014

Ferrari Festival in Kuwait

I was invited by Al-Zayyani Motors to attend the Ferrari Open Day or as they call it "Ferrari Festival" for owners.

The whole event was to showcase the launch of the new 458 Speciale in Kuwait.

The day started with clouds, blue sky and great weather..
Everything was perfect..

I arrived to the track (SIRBB) for the event on time to see few Ferraris inside already

F12, FF and 458 Italia Spyder waiting to be abused!

Ferraris from every kind and colour was available and you can actually get close to the cars.

The Started the show with welcoming the crowd, then a quick show for the recently launched 458 Speciale.

Show was amazing! As this is a karting track.. but the driver seems to know what hes doing by inch! He's so good!

The car?
Will come to that later..

The F12 was there too, just perfect for everything..

All of a sudden it started to pour like hell!!!
People were hiding, as most of the parts of the track are open areas.. But amazingly the cars (458 Speciale and F12) were still running normally with no issues at all.

Bothe cars showed great reliable breaks and handling under such conditions, tiny corners, full speed.. traction off and still able to do a lap after another without a cooling lap!!! or even a proper stop!!

right before the sunset we did few laps in karts and it was very dusty.. traction was zero! but it was fun spinning all the time.

The 458 Speciale, comes as stock.. spitting fire from the exhaust all the time, we couldn't notice in the morning! but once it was dark.. it was quit a beautiful scene!

Dry, or wet, The Speciale was a winner.. around a 100+ lap in a very short track with no long straight to cool off or even a minute between the passengers to change... yet it was performing great!

Did tried driving the car? No..
Let's wait and see..

This is the most beautiful Speciale i've ever seen.. Fully loaded...
Will take the time to enjoy more pictures of this car later on..

Enjoy the video at the end..

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The McLaren 650S Configurator is live!

Finally McLaren gives the chance to those in love with British engineering to configure the latest creation - The 650S Coupe or Roadster

Click here to configure yours

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta - Test Drive

So, Last post was all about getting to know the F12 better..
This is by far the most powerful V12 front engine i've ever driven.

Now I will explain how does it feel to drive the F12..

First of all..

For all those car lovers, Aerodynamic is now an essential factor in supercars because of the high speed and fierce cornering abilities.. And I assure you that the F12 is hell of a car..

It is shorter, lower, lighter, smaller, faster than the 599 GTB and 599 GTO!
I will go into some boring details in comparing it to the 599 GTO since it was the fastest front engine V12, rearwheel drive  to come from the factory.

This F12 is only 30 KG more than the GTO but lighter than a normal GTB
Has almost 80Bhp more than the GTO and 120 over the GTB
67% Better downforce
Laps fiorano a full second faster than the GTO considering the GTO was a racing car.
Higher topspeed.
half a second quicker from 0-100 thanks to a double clutch transmission.

Enough Said,  The car was driven in downtown Dubai, Mall Parkings, gravel road, highway but not track.

And will go in details later.

Around town : You do have 740Bhp ready to launch anytime, but that should not always be the case. You can press automatic and cruise around town, connecting your iPod or iPhone. listening to your stupid songs and ignore the beautiful exhaust sound.

Manettino in "Sport" Mode means normal..
Switch to "Race" and the car becomes more agile but not needed around town.

Front clearance was low, but never scratched anything, thanks to front tires being pushed far to the front keeping the engine behind the front axle and lower centre of gravity.

As you can see below, the front splitter is huge to ensure enough air is being directed to radiators for maximum cooling during track days. excessive air will go out through the hood vent crossing to the back.

On the highway, Car was so proper as a GT car, very settled and poised unlike Lamborghinis.
Exhaust sound is good, also not as loud in "Race" mode as the 458 Italia when cruising withing the speed limit.

And what I just explained was as boring as hell!!!!!!

This car is in my own words....

A car that should not be sold to idiots... Not because they can't drive it.. The car is so nice and easy to drive and control.. The problem with it as a "Supercar" that it has so much power! So you might kill others!

Going to some place where we can unleash the full potential of the car..
"ESC OFF" marked in caps
Manettino got to be hold in position for 3 seconds to disengage the traction completely.
If Policemen knew these details, and saw you going sideways in a F12, you'll go to jail.

Cuz you can't then say "Oops Officer.. my leg slipped, and the car has so much power''

Because whatever you do in both "Sport" and "Race" the car still won't spin tires! because it has a newly revised traction control and a smart E-Diff. Probably smarter than me!

Full Stop.
Launch Control Button pressed
Gear in 1st
Full Brake.
Full throttle.
Then say oops....
let go the brakes...
2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th 6th and you're doing 300+ in 6th before needing 7th!!!
The car can do 350 easily!!!! and I am a top speed lover.
But the world is not enough..

You don't like what I sad above?
Got a third ball?
Just saw your wife with another guy in an Aventador?

You still can go sideways if do it intentionally..
"ESC OFF" Left, throttle, right again... and find yourself someone t pay the bail.. cuz smoke and black marks are all over the place.

At 118 Bhp per Litre.. this figure is barely crossed by other forced induction cars.. maybe the Honda S2000 back in 2001 too.. but that's too much for a V12.. not a Honda.. For that, people who can afford it, can afford fuel..

In three days, I managed to sleep less, spend more time in the car, therefore, I emptied 3 full tanks ladies and gentlemen.

Some of the good stuff you notice in the car, You can put your phone in the centre console, go drift and do few laps around the Fiorano track.. and it will stay still! This is not silly.. I want my mobile to remain where I left it.

There's a small compartment in the middle between the seats that has a USB port. Can charge your phone, GoPro or whatever. Connect your device to listen to music.

Steering wheel was explained in the previous post and in the 458 Italia test done last year. It takes only an hour to get used to it. Then you'll love it.

"Bumpy Road" Button was unknown to me, because Dubai has really nice streets everywhere..

Navigation System is a hassle to use. Not as easy as the one borrowed and used in the FF I reviewed earlier also.

Front, side and rear camera are available at the press of a button to the driver.


Seats are very comfy.. three days, around 1000KM and maybe a 27 hours in the car.. still very comfy.

Brakes are carbon ceramics and are so huge, that's why this car can lap Fiorano faster than the 599 GTO.

So I did 0-300-0 test in somewhere private.
I am sure that the 3.1 second from 0-100 is real. I might have done it in 3.3 max with two people in the car, cold tires and lots of gear.

Brakes after the 300 test were up to the task and stoping the car with no problem at all.

Ahhhh! The transmission.. the most civilised transmission. although on low speeds, and "Sport" mode, you can feel the changes a bit. but once above 4000RPM.. it becomes so smooth and super quick.

And with the LED lights mounted in the top of the steering wheel, you can know when to change without taking your eyes off the road.

Think of this 740 Bhp supercar being driven around town..
20 years ago.. you have to have a Supra or R32 GTR tuned to 600 Bhp and run high boost to get this much power. And still no one can control the car once full boost kicks in..

This is one on the other hand is so much powerful, yet drivable.. its a supercar, that should have this much power..

But you can reach the limits all day long.

Down Force : on high speeds, the side aero bridge redirect air from the bonnet to the side of the car ensure smooth airflow around the body of the car, then goes to the back.

I am testing this car maybe a bit late but better late than never.
And we took the car to some places to see how people react..!

People love Red Ferraris..
But we happened to be at the same place, in the same time with a Lamborghini Aventador that was also red. And people got confused which one is better?

Well.. Both V12s
But normal people have no idea why am I writing this anyway.. Lambo looked more appealing as we passed by hundreds of people..

Two Open scoops in the back to cool off the transmission and the clutch.
Looks cool even if they were not functional!

Air bridge in the front bonnet offers around 130-150 KG of downforce at 200km/h

Chassis : The F12 is built around an aluminium space frame chassis, improves the overall structure rigidity by 20% over the 599.

Weight distribution 46% front 54% rear

Steering : Fast and Accurate but the slightest move can change direction of the car immediately. You'll love it around town and when in search for a parking space in a crowded mall.

But If I was taking the car to a track, I'd love to have less of that... Just a bit less.

So much aerodynamics are carried over from the 599XX track-based car and more the just downforce. cooling and noise were also taken into consideration. 

The F12  got a big boot, enough for enough bags for you and your Ex around Europe. 

The more angles you find to look at the F12, The more impressed you are!
No wonder why the ride quality is so good.. The car is low but with the magnetic dampers that reacts quickly, even on high speed and few holes in the street.. Ride is still great.

Video By Faisal Al-Rajhi

All in All.. The F12 is the greatest supercar I've tested so far.. 
Agile, super fast, sexy look, RED, very comfy and everything functions like you want it to function and even better.

You can use everyday if you can afford. 
The FF got two more seats, but slower.
The Aventador looks hot but not as comfy.

The only thing I would change in the F12 is the navigation system. but it was announced already that they have a deal with apple to integrate iOS soon.

Special Thanks to Ghitha from Ferrari Middle East.