Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta "Get to Know"

There's nothing the world needs less than a supercar.
Yet no one in this world will say no to the Ferrari F12.


Well, I was in Dubai for a personal Vacation to escape Kuwait National Day and the idiots that roam around my car with a water gun!

The plan was to do the SkyDive Dubai Experience and go to movies and chill for the weekend. and meet Ghitha (From Ferrari MENA) for a cup of coffee!

Instead she took me to COTY Awards ceremony and then gave me a Ferrari F12!!!!!!
I was suppose to pay for coffee.. but I got F12!!!


Enough about me and Ghitha..

So I went to the Ferrari Showroom in Dubai (Altayer Motors - Dealers of Ford, Lincoln, Jaguar, Land Rover, Ferrari And Maserati)

Got my morning coffee there in a Maserati cup.
Waited for the car to be washed, filled and ready for the weekend...

You see models in malls, TV and movies and even with fat rich guys..
But when you see that model with the fat ugly rich guy staring at you...
Your heart rate goes higher.. You sweat, You even might TRY to ACT Normal.

The same thing happened to me when I saw the F12 coming towards me..
I saw it in pictures, videos, tracks and even in the streets with fat ugly rich guys..

But when I was handed the keys...
The feeling I got was, as if the model whispers "Room 744.. in an hour" in my ears.

Key is read, Ignition ON.
Red button says "Start" ? Why Start? It should say "Live"
Apply brakes, push the "Live" button and Model says ROaaaR!

So you look at F12 and notice lots of aero dynamic features that allow them to cancel the rear wing.

Front splitter is low, restricting air from going under the car at high speeds.
Big open mouth to take air inside for the radiator, hot air comes out from the hood vent.

Below is the Aero Bridge the redirect air to the side open sills in the doors. And more features we will explain in the next post with full test  drive information.

Interior is very welcoming, a proper GT car.
The car (tested) was fully loaded with gadgets and features like carbon fiber and aluminium.

As you can see below, steering is carbon fiber and with the gearing indication lights on the top to tell you when to change up without looking at the rev counter, very useful when you get used to it or if you're a track junkie.

Seats though are not the full carbon, lightweight version. This is good and bad. How?
Good for long distances and comfort, bad, Because I am tiny and won't be bothered if wrapped in carbon.

Not so many switches or dials in the centre console. Only air con and the right screen switches for Navigation and media centre.

Dash is carbon as weel as the air con scoop covers.

Passenger mini LCD screen.
Good source of information for you, especially if you would love to know how fast you're going, what gear? what setting the manettino is on? Rev counter and so on.

Not good for the wife though..

Buttons on the steering wheel are so cool, easy to use.
Day 1 when I got the FF almost a year and half.. I was confused for 40 mins.. Then you become attached and get to know what is what.

Red Button "Engine Start" or "Live" does not need too much imagination to know!
the one above is for suspension settings, press the button, and you'll see "Bumpy Road" alert in the left screen, dampers will soften a little bit.. not too much. To be honest, the roads in Dubai are very good that you won't feel it.

High beam is above, and signals for left and right.

Ahh! and That Logo!

Manettino : in Italian means "Little Lever"
Helps you switch the setting of the car depending on the driving style or condition.

Wet : Not tested as it was too hot..
Sport : which is the normal mode for a 740bhp car!
Race : Sharpen the steering, firmer dampers, lose some traction and keep you alive.
CT OFF : traction off but not completely, you can drift but still better for track use.
ESC OFF : You're on your own...

You can find the sae steering wheel at new recent Ferraris.
It was made or developed by racing drivers for sure.. Grip is comfy!
Peddels are carbon.
Steering can be adjusted to suit everyone.
Red Stitching makes you feel like a racing driver..

Door sills covered in Carbon Fiber.

Seat can be adjusted in many ways, bump the lower or upper back area.
Narrow or open the hips and shoulders area, very good when tacking the car for a track to help remain in your place, or when chased by the police.

Can move in every direction and with 3 memory sets.
One for daily use, one for track and one for the mistress.

Boot and fuel cap buttons placed on the drivers' door for easy access.

Unmistakably the prettiest GT since the 250 GTO

This is the engine..
65% V angle
740 Bhp
48 Valves
508 pound-feet of torque
This is the largest capacity ever been sold by Ferrari for a road going car.
Same engine in the FF but with modified air intakes and other components raised the power by 80 Bhp
Yet this is lighter, shorter and narrower than the 620Bhp 599 GTB.


  1. great article loved the passion and joy in it while reading .... i also liked the photos ;p

  2. Loved this one. next time drop our name so we get a chance to drive this italian baby too ;)

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