Monday, March 24, 2014

Ferrari Festival in Kuwait

I was invited by Al-Zayyani Motors to attend the Ferrari Open Day or as they call it "Ferrari Festival" for owners.

The whole event was to showcase the launch of the new 458 Speciale in Kuwait.

The day started with clouds, blue sky and great weather..
Everything was perfect..

I arrived to the track (SIRBB) for the event on time to see few Ferraris inside already

F12, FF and 458 Italia Spyder waiting to be abused!

Ferraris from every kind and colour was available and you can actually get close to the cars.

The Started the show with welcoming the crowd, then a quick show for the recently launched 458 Speciale.

Show was amazing! As this is a karting track.. but the driver seems to know what hes doing by inch! He's so good!

The car?
Will come to that later..

The F12 was there too, just perfect for everything..

All of a sudden it started to pour like hell!!!
People were hiding, as most of the parts of the track are open areas.. But amazingly the cars (458 Speciale and F12) were still running normally with no issues at all.

Bothe cars showed great reliable breaks and handling under such conditions, tiny corners, full speed.. traction off and still able to do a lap after another without a cooling lap!!! or even a proper stop!!

right before the sunset we did few laps in karts and it was very dusty.. traction was zero! but it was fun spinning all the time.

The 458 Speciale, comes as stock.. spitting fire from the exhaust all the time, we couldn't notice in the morning! but once it was dark.. it was quit a beautiful scene!

Dry, or wet, The Speciale was a winner.. around a 100+ lap in a very short track with no long straight to cool off or even a minute between the passengers to change... yet it was performing great!

Did tried driving the car? No..
Let's wait and see..

This is the most beautiful Speciale i've ever seen.. Fully loaded...
Will take the time to enjoy more pictures of this car later on..

Enjoy the video at the end..

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