Monday, April 14, 2014

GoodWood 72nd Members' Meeting - Day1

I have this cool friend living in the UK..
texted me to pack, bring my camera and come to London..

She said you won't regret coming..

So I packed and went to find that the event i'm about to attend is the 72nd GoodWood Members' Meeting which is very private and by invitation only!

We drove outside London for two hours and reached our hotel.. 
Next morning we went to GoodWood, And we were the youngest people around the event! Everyone was so old but they came to witness the gathering of machines never been brought together before!

In the beginning it was so confusing.. like going back in time to the 60s and 70s era!
Every single car is old and looks damaged from racing.. scares of the battlefield..
People are dressed well (English Smart Casual) and colours are also old!

The collection of cars on display are immense! and since this event is for members only, you can literally go and touch every car. no barriers or fences between the crowed and the cars.

Pre-war Bugattis were all lined up, restored and ready to race.. cars from the 1930s and above drives by owners full of enthusiasm and passion!

A Parking full of classics and modern cars, a huge collection.. I was willing to post all of them, but I was afraid I will bore you with the amount of pictures.

So maybe in another post..

Three generations of Porsches..

This picture looks like it was taken back in the 70s!

Ford GT40 was one of the cars I liked a lot,many of them were ready to race and had many races during the two days event.

The sound very good actually and they seem to be very very fast for cars from that era!

Wait for the next post about the 70s Formula1 cars from the Turbo Era and the Lemans Croup C cars..


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