Tuesday, April 15, 2014

GoodWood 72nd Members' Meeting - Day2

After a long day at GoodWood day1..
I was tired, and barely walk..
Less than 3 hours of sleep..
And back again for day two to witness some serious action.

Actually Day2 was one of the reasons I flew to the UK.
We were going to see the real Formula1 cars from the Turbo era back in the 70s.
How loud they are?
How cool?
How fast?

Plus some Lemans Group C cars for the first time on a track..

Lots of Formula1 cars were on display.
Luckily as I mentioned before in the previous post that we have access to all cars since this is a private event for members only, no fence between you and cars..

All of the cars were really driven by champions and heroes.. some still alive to tell a story.. some left a great memory and made us believe in them.

McLaren driven by Nicki Lauda

Another one by Alan Prost

Old sponsors.. I love Good Year still..

Ayrton Senna lived between us through the amount of cars he driven and victories and podiums. Around 3 cars from three different brands were on display with his name on!

Now the good part.. We waited for so long for the Formula1 cars to be on the track.
They sound SUPER COOL!!!!

Down Shifting was EPIC!
Not like the 2014 GAY F1 cars!!
Which I will post about later.. where I was about less than 10 feet from the cars but stillw as able to watch the race with no ear plugs!!

Putting these cars together to race again is not an easy task.
These cars are not on sale..
Not available for normal drivers..
Not street legal..

No parts available unless the manufacturers agreed to recreate the part for you or charge you triple for maintenance! Yet, they raced and everyone was like super happy!!!

Ferrari F40 As a pace car!!!!
Full throttle! it was really flat out to cope with the F1 cars..

Then comes another cool part..
The Lemans Group C cars..

These cars also never raced before apart from the actual Lemans Race.

They had few cars together to make a quick debut and they sound great!!
the old Jaguars were the best I guess along with the 917!

And Finally, The ones I missed..
Group B Rally cars!!!

They were racing too, but I can't remember what I was doing..
All I remember that I saw them going back to the garages..

Hope you liked the coverage of the event..
Thanks again to the GoodWood management for a great event.. THE GREATEST
Thanks to my cool friend who invited me and managed to get me a pass.

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