Monday, April 21, 2014

Zaid Ashkanani - Porsche Cup Challenge Middle East Champion

While attending the Bahrain GP race, we were given access to get down to the Porsche Cup pits to take a look at the Kuwaiti Champion Zaid Ashkanani. The youngest most promising driver in his category.

Zaid for those who don't know.. started driving with his dad in Bahrain Circuit since he was 16 and was into it.. instead of turning him down, his father thought of taking his talent to the next level and support him in what he do best.

Got him a GT3 Cup car for one race, he scored 4th..
Completed a full season.. Got the 1st in the silver gategory.
Best rookie driver among other awards.

The season after, he entered the Golden category and raced the whole seaon.. ended up finishing first overall among some global driver from all over the globe. plus being the youngest and with less years of driving in this category.

Before the Bahrain GP, there's a support races they do along with the F1. Like GT3 Cup and GP2.

Zaid made it first through qualifying for both races (Race1 &2)

Started from pole position, He ruled the race from start to finish with a good gap between him and the 2nd car.

Next day, race 2, was the same scenario, he dominated the race. which puts him in a whole different level now.

More trophies for Zaid.
More National Anthem of Kuwait.
More races to go.
More success.

Let's hope we see more sponsors in the future and I wish people are more aware.

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