Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Mercedes GT AMG Teaser

Mercedes teases the new AMG GT car in a short video after they annouced the car few months ago.

Apart of the not so clear video and quick shots.. I'll say that the noise seems to be great and might be promising. This car is aiming at the 911 Porsche mainly and will make the game a bit hot.. Hope Porsche reply with a hotter GT3RS.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ferrari LaFerrari

This is my first and only encounter with a real Ferrari La Ferrari in Italy inside the Ferrari Factory in Modena, Italy.

We went to Italy to attend the Lamborghini 50th anniversary and we would only stay for four nights for the event.

So we decided to extend our stay and visit the Ferrari Factory, Zagato and Pagani which I posted earlier.

This is the post that I didn't post because all pictures were taken with my iPhone.. not usually my type of documenting trips.. but I was not allowed to take my camera.

The famous gate of the factory where you see all the great cars..

Greeting hall/waiting room is filled with passion and cars!

History and original pictures from the main photographers from Maranello.

 Even the trash bin looks more aerodynamic than a Bora!

After the tour in the assembly line (No pictures allowed) we were granted a special access to the La Ferrari since one of my friends paid a downpayment for one..

And he was invited personally to come and see the car, so he invited us along.

Once you stand next to the car.. You feel intimidated..
The car looks fast without moving!!

The Famous Air Tunnel of Fiorano!

I have nothing to say more about the car for now.. but I posted a real track test for the La Ferrari. and you can get all the info..


Monday, May 12, 2014

Lamborghini Huracan Test Drive - EVO Magazine

I saw the first images of the new baby Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 and was impressed with the design.. not much with the horsepower increase..

I drove several examples of the outgoing models of the Gallardo
LP570-4 Superlaggera
LP570-4 Performante

they're fast, sound cooler than many other cars in the same category and very rare if you're "Exclusive" type of person

Then I was invited by Lamborghini Dealer in Kuwait to attend the private unveiling of the car.. but photography was not allowed..

I will test the car once I get my hands on one.. but for now.. Watch the video

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Monday, May 5, 2014

Lamborghini Factory Tour

I was in Italy about a year ago for the Lamborghini 50th anniversary and I posted a lot about the event through Instagram and here in the blog.  

After the 4-days long drive across Italy, we were having the Gala Dinner in the Lamborghini Automobili Factory in Bologna.

So we went to the Lamborghini Museum and the Factory.

I will post the ones from the factory, but I was not allowed to bring my camera.. so all the images are iPhone quality.

I have a short span memory so I can't recall each stage of the factory. and I don't think I will add a lot to the documentary on discovery channel!