Friday, June 6, 2014

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

General Motors announced the full specs of the new Corvette Z06 after the unveiling earlier this year with some aero kits and hotter rims..

Numbers you need to know..
650 Bhp
881 Nm
90 Bhp more than a Porsche Turbo S
40 Bhp more than the Huracan
45 More than a 458 Speciale
10 more than the McLaren

The Car can produce 90% of the torque off idle and 100% at low revs at 3,600 RPM

They used a new Supercharger that uses smaller diameters rotors to ensure higher revs up to 20,000 RPM for the 1.7L Supercharger

Aerodynamics improved to ensure high downforce on high speeds and better rear grip on trackdays with lower front lip to minimise the air that goes underneath the car.

Front air splitters to help better air flow around the front tires all the way to the rear small air scoops.

Wide front grille and opened grille on the hood, letting the hot air out after passing the front radiators.

Larger rear wing adding more wight to the rear on high speed turns.

I wonder how the price will be since Chevrolet known to be very reasonable and cheaper than the competitors I mentioned above.

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