Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Jazeera Airways Trip to Airbus

I was invited by Jazeera Airways to go to Hamburg, Germany and be a part of the group who will receive the 15th airplane Airbus A320 straight from the factory and fly it back to Kuwait.

So we gathered in Kuwait Airport and flew Lufthansa to Frankfurt and then Hamburg..
Hamburg seems to be a beautiful city and with the highest volume of millionaires in Germany!
8000 millionaire !!  

Lots of Porsches in Hamburg! 

This one is for Apple Lovers! A beautiful App Store!

Hamburg as a city is a very nice place, quit even as a city.. not something like New York or London and other busy cities. You can read about it if you're interested..

After two flights, we rested for few hours and off we go to the Lufthansa Tecknik facilities to see how they service airplanes from all makes.

It is a 100% Subsidiary from Lufthansa and Hamburg is the main HQ but they serve everywhere in the globe with 26000 employees worldwide.

they check and service around 1700  aircraft daily.
they provide around 2000 aircrafts with spare parts.
they do customisation for VIP air crafts from a stripped out body to a full furnished stage.

I can go on and on, but if you're into aviation and these stuff.. click Here

So into the Engine services we go..
They had at that time around 12 full engines under inspections and maintenance, some for regular overhauling and some for maintenance.

This is the most complicated job I've ever seen and I can't trust anyone but Germans to do it.
This engine should be able to fly from 50 mis to 14 hours without a single failure.

Engines of air crafts are measured by Thrust not horsepower, so all the data I was getting was a bit confusing at first, but such a cool new experience.

The place is very huge, everything is clean and tidy, all parts have labels and numbers which can never mix with another aircraft parts.

Dancing is not permitted in the premisses as you can see below!

Next day, we woke up early and went to the Airbus HQ in Hamburg. They have our name tags ready and all correct.

Germans are very organised and task oriented!
After we got the tags, we saw a big sign at the entrance welcoming us!

Then we went into a meeting room to see a small presentation about Airbus.
Very informative and cool for gear heads!
History of airbus, current production lines and locations they operate, clients and futuristic look into aviation and the possibilities.

I was firing questions a lot, then seems that others are a bit bored and want to carry on.. so I decided to keep them for later since we have a full day with the PR & Communication team.

We went next to the assembly line for the A320 and A321 where they get the two pieces of Fuselage together making it one long tube.

Fuselage is a french word means spindle-shape
Which is the main body where the passengers and crew or cargo are held.

Wings and other parts are imported from around 90 different countries.
By the time we were there, they had 12 fuselage lined up and ready for assembly.

They park outside and come using a bike!

Next we went for the final assembly line for the A320. where they fit the tail fin, wings, landing gear and other parts before the painting stage.

Below is the Carbon Ceramic Composite brakes for the aircraft.
For your information, the air craft uses reverse thrust to stop and uses the brakes in a later stage to make the complete stop.

But just as a safety feature and to meet the regulation, and in case of emergencies, they have to simulate an emergency landing with a fully loaded aircraft using only the brakes and it will stop for sure.

Then we went to the A380 delivery hanger, but photography was not allowed.. sorry!
After that, we went to see the A320 of Al-Jazeera Airways ready for delivery.
Few paperwork, money transfer and next morning we will take it for a ride!

I am literally under the airplane..

Next day, we went to Airbus again, to receive the airplane,
A brief word from Airbus management And a Speech from Marwan Boodai Chairman of Jazeera Airways thanking Airbus for the 15 aircrafts they received.

We went onboard, checked in, and off we go..
The Aircraft was new.. smells new..
You can set where ever you want..
And it was the first flight ever for the 9K-CAO

Thanks Al-Jazeera
Thanks Airbus
Thanks BinSirri

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