Monday, June 16, 2014

Nissan GTR vs. Jaguar F-Type R Coupe

This is the endless debate.. or lets say the new player in the market..
I can't see these two cars to compete head to head at all..
Ok, Both have the same power. but the GTR meant to be the fastest practical (Claimed) sportscar and people buy it to tune it.. and it sounds even worse then the new Porsche Turbo!!

The Jag is meant to be a cruising rocket!! sounds awesome but rear wheel drive means sideways.. Always.

SO.. Same power does not mean same category always..
Vanquish and Turbo S should not be together..

Anyway.. why not after all see which one is faster!

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  1. I agree it is hard to compare two cars that are not from the same category but let us face it the Nissan GTR is an icon, up there with the best auto icons in the world. This is because it is engineered to extraordinary heights and delivers ultimate performance for an unbelievable price. The Jaguar F-Type looks amazing a credit to British designers but it is cannot compete against the Nissan GTR just like it’s older brother the XKR-S which got “monstered” on Top gear a few years back. Jaguar Land rover has got a long way to go before it can deliver an icon and that means not just looking pretty it has to be engineered to a level that similar to our Bavarian competitors such as the Porsche engineers on the 911. Sorry but JLR is way behind and paying Autocar a large sum of money to write biased reviews is not going to win over people (like me) who have driven the Nissan GTR, F-Type and 911 and the Nissan GTR gets the nod over the 911 (just) with the F-Type languishing in third.