Wednesday, August 13, 2014

BMW i8 TestDrive

I have been thinking a lot lately about the future of cars and supercars in particular.. why?

Because big, well known manufacturers like Porsche, Ferrari And McLaren launched hew hyper cars with batteries! Porsche 918 Spyder, Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1!

If these are leading our future, then it is really bright, hence that these cars are mules and people will be doing the companies a big favour by paying huge amounts of money in order to help the R&D divisions to develop more road cars and really affordable to normal consumers like me!

On the other hand, BMW came along with the new i8 and created a new category.. a Hybrid that you can buy without being selected! you just walk into the showroom, and buy the car on display!

Yes? No? I am quit not sure how I look at it.. Here's why.

Price tag : I don't think I am willing to pay this much money here in Kuwait and we are considered one of the top ten cheapest countries in terms of fuel prices. So i'll buy a Carrera S for less money instead.

Shape : It looks amazingly well designed! fascinating! Elegant! but I don't like cars with two or three colours..I know you can customise yours to single tone, but again not my type.

Interior : Looks somehow so advanced, yet like any other BMW!

Technology : This is the future, but I don't think dealers can fix the car. maybe the engineers who made are still not sure how to do it.

Environment : Of course we should look after the planet we live in.. But I do take care of it in some other way. I do have a sport car, a fast one and since fuel is cheap.. I tend to drive fast whenever I have time and space, so I recycle and save water, electricity and try not to print papers in the office as much as I can. so this car should be for people who like to print everything, and buy regular books instead of eBooks and so on.

In short, this video by Autocar explains lots of hidden facts and take it into details with more easy way to digest for normal people like me..

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