Monday, August 11, 2014

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

During Eid I ran away to Abu Dhabi and for the first time I had nothing planned apart from the Radical driving experience that will follow in another post later.

So we headed to Seikh Zayed Grand Mosque to take some photos. And It was both good and bad experience! 

The Place is amazing and gives you this Holy feeling..
But we were dragging bags full of photography kit, at the entrance, the security guy redirected us to another gate where they need to scan the bags..

Of course he led us to wrong gate..
We found it without help..

So we reached the "Scanning gate" supposedly

Me: Hi we are here to scan the bag, where is the scanner?
Security: What scanner?
Me: at gate 1 they told us to come here to scan the bags!
Security: Open the bag..
Me: You open it..
Security: we can not touch your bag..
Me: Where is the scanner?
Security: We have to check first... Whats inside?
Me: A big bomb!
Security: hehe oh thats a camera?
Me: I told you!
Security: *Points at a wire* and what is this?
Me: Snake!!
Security: hehe you can go now
Me: No scanner?
Security: no..

No paper that says you're scanned
No stamp
Nothing to show the other security guy that we were scanned!

So many expats not knowing what to do, where to go..
And they smell really bad!!

Other than this..
The place is really beautiful and gorgeous
Everything is neat.. and clean

Except again when you come to interact with another security guy!!
And no one on top like a manager to talk to!

This feels so calm..

I will go back again when the weather is better and people go to work..
What happened was good and bad..

But it was a great experience. 

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