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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Stig breaks into Lotus F1 HQ

A Very funny/nice video of what seems to be a new ad between The Stig and Lotus Racing.. This is after all the first part..

We will wait for part two!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Nissan GTR vs. Jaguar F-Type R Coupe

This is the endless debate.. or lets say the new player in the market..
I can't see these two cars to compete head to head at all..
Ok, Both have the same power. but the GTR meant to be the fastest practical (Claimed) sportscar and people buy it to tune it.. and it sounds even worse then the new Porsche Turbo!!

The Jag is meant to be a cruising rocket!! sounds awesome but rear wheel drive means sideways.. Always.

SO.. Same power does not mean same category always..
Vanquish and Turbo S should not be together..

Anyway.. why not after all see which one is faster!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

RoadRush 4 Video

Finally, The Road Rush 4 video is out.
After few months of the event, Faisal managed to collect all the material and videos pick the music and finalise the project all together. and today RoadRush posted it on their Youtube Channel Click here to see all videos

Well Done!

Can't wait till RR5 when they celebrate the first anniversary.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ferrari La Ferrari Driven on the Track

Dickie Meaden is a lucky man!
He drove the Porsche 918, then then McLaren P1 and now the Ferrari La Ferrari at Fiorano..

This is like sleeping with Eva Mendes in her bed!

Watch First..

There's nothing as extreme or advanced..
There's nothing that can define the future of super cars like this..
There's no one who one as many GP races or victories as Ferrari..
And at last they use the technology and apply it in their modern street cars..

I would love to see the three cars together in a battle
I guess we will all be shocked.. but I don't think the companies will offer something like that..
But maybe one day a happy owner of the three cars will offer this.


Monday, April 28, 2014

2015 Audi S1

Evo test the all new all-wheel drive Audi S1 in Sweden..

The A1 was very Quattro.. very nice and quick..
The S1 now is the real deal and makes the brand looks more sportier, more modes to use..
I wanna drive one! in Sweden!

228 Bhp is more than enough to compete with the 2015 220 Bhp VW GTI I guess..
With the all-wheel drive system.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

2014 Nissan GTR Vs. Porsche Turbo Drag Race

Nissan used to "Claim" that they do 2.8 sec from a standing still to 100/km which only happening under certain conditions..

In some drag race challenges.. where the Porsche Turbo was not present.. the GTR ruled the world..

So what happens when you throw a Porsche Turbo "Not Turbo S" into the game and race them in a drag strip?

take a look

Long Live The Queen

Monday, April 21, 2014

Zaid Ashkanani - Porsche Cup Challenge Middle East Champion

While attending the Bahrain GP race, we were given access to get down to the Porsche Cup pits to take a look at the Kuwaiti Champion Zaid Ashkanani. The youngest most promising driver in his category.

Zaid for those who don't know.. started driving with his dad in Bahrain Circuit since he was 16 and was into it.. instead of turning him down, his father thought of taking his talent to the next level and support him in what he do best.

Got him a GT3 Cup car for one race, he scored 4th..
Completed a full season.. Got the 1st in the silver gategory.
Best rookie driver among other awards.

The season after, he entered the Golden category and raced the whole seaon.. ended up finishing first overall among some global driver from all over the globe. plus being the youngest and with less years of driving in this category.

Before the Bahrain GP, there's a support races they do along with the F1. Like GT3 Cup and GP2.

Zaid made it first through qualifying for both races (Race1 &2)

Started from pole position, He ruled the race from start to finish with a good gap between him and the 2nd car.

Next day, race 2, was the same scenario, he dominated the race. which puts him in a whole different level now.

More trophies for Zaid.
More National Anthem of Kuwait.
More races to go.
More success.

Let's hope we see more sponsors in the future and I wish people are more aware.

2014 R35 GTR Vs. 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Everyone maybe noticed that I am not a fan of the very fast GTR.
I drove lots of cars to be honest and the GTR was one of those cars.. not saying it is slow or bad.. its just a matter of taste.. so please argue with me.

Anyway.. It was well known to be the cheapest fastest car on sale..
The new Camaro Z28 is well equipped this time with a great engine borrowed from the old Z06 that's good 7.0L makes a hefty 505Bhp, real suspension for track.. functioning Ceramics..

And cheaper! will it beat the unbeatable GTR?

Find out here

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bahrain GP 2014

After I came back from GoodWood, I have only one day to stay in Kuwait before I head to Bahrain for the Formula1 race.

Me and my friend booked the three day event ticket to attend the practice and the qualifying since we were excited about the new season, and wanna see how the cars will sound with the new engine!

Practice was very normal! and we noticed that we don't need any ear plugs since they're mute!!!
Turbo blow-off can't be heard also for all cars.. only few can be noticed.

It was very nice to stay till the end of each session to see the safety car and enjoy the roaring AMG V8 that sounded 10 times better than the F1 cars!

McLaren wearing the GulfAir Livery.. NIIICE

Next Day, Qualifying was a bit normal.. but lots of surprises shocked everyone, Vettel 11th! and because Richhardo was penalised, Vettel got to 10th!

To me the best looking cars this season is the Martini Racing and Redbulls.
Martini as you can see below, were not allowed to use Martini.. and replaced it with Racing! since Bahrain is an Islamic country.. Although McLarens used to race with Jhonny Walker branding!

Race Day!

We were staying in the lower pits of Oasis Grand Stand.. with one of our Kuwaiti teams from the GT3 Cup Porsche racers..

And they Have screens in the pits, So they asked us to stay and watch the race in the pits.
Race started, and we noticed that everyone was standing at the fence of the pits which is only 3 meters from the cars!

So we ran with our cameras to have this life time opportunity of getting this close to the cars..
We took as many pictures as you can imagine.. I have almost 1500 pictures from that angle!

Later on, Marshals discovered that we have no badges and asked us to go back to the pits,in a very polite way! I Love Bahrainis.

Being this close from the cars, You'll notice how mute they are!
No need for ear plugs at all.. It was noisy yes, but not deafening like the V8s or V10s.

This was the best race I have attended in my life.
Enjoyed every single moment and loved the weather..
My only concern is the policemen outside the track giving false directions and information without listening to people.

But I'll definitely attend it next year if its at night.